£200 Million Plan to Protect Religious Communities From Abuse

After a rise in Islamophobic abuse in the UK, the Conservatives have announced a number of measures to counter the attacks, including a £117 million security package for Muslim communities.

Government Allocates £117 Million for Security Measures

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has pledged over £117 million to enhance security measures for Muslim communities in the UK after an increase in anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes. Home Secretary James Cleverly announced that the funding would be utilized for installing security features to protect families, schools and community centres.

Hate crimes in the UK rose significantly within the first two weeks of the Hamas attacks on October 7th, with the government being criticized for the lack of support towards Muslims.

651% Rise In Hate Crimes

During the first two weeks of the attacks, hate crimes rose by a staggering 651%, including 33 physical assaults on Jewish families and communities. Islamophobia reports have risen in London by 140% since the attacks, while the Tory Party itself faces multiple allegations of discrimination towards Islam within its ranks.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced a pledge that would increase the security of Jewish communities, including schools and places of worship, worth over £78 million.

Ministers have strongly condemned the acts of hatred towards Jewish communities, urging the police to investigate the crimes that the Prime Minister has called “utterly sickening.”

Sunak Ready to “Fight” Antisemitism

In an address to the Community Security Trust, Sunak announced his £78 million pledge to Jewish Communities, promising “We will fight this antisemitism with everything we have got”. 

Cleverly categorically stated that anti-Muslim hatred “has no place in society”, pledging “reassurance and confidence to UK Muslims,” in the form of the £117 million security package.

The pledge comes after the Tory Party has come under fire in recent months for alleged “Islamophobic” behavior within its ranks, resulting in a suspended MP and calls for investigations.

Anderson’s Comments on Sadiq Khan

Former Tory MP Lee Anderson was recently suspended due to his comments regarding the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, arguing that Khan and the city of London were under the “control” of “Islamists.”

Anderson made his remarks after former Home Secretary Suella Braverman argued that “Islamists, extremists, and the anti-Semites” were in charge of the UK now.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden argued that Lee Anderson’s comments were “wrong” but not “intentionally racist” with both Dowden and Sunak refraining from labelling the comments as Islamophobic. When pressed on the matter, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak responded to claims that his Party has an Islamophobia problem with the words “No, of course there isn’t.”

Hunt’s Pledge for Muslim Memorial

The pledge to support security in Muslim communities comes after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the Spring Budget, which included a £1 million memorial for Muslim soldiers. The Muslim memorial, according to the Chancellor, is to “never forget the sacrifices made for our future,” regardless of colour or race.

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has questioned the Prime Minister’s judgement to make Anderson the Deputy Chair after multiple allegations of Islamophobia. “But what does it say about the prime minister’s judgement that he made Lee Anderson deputy chairman of his party?” said Sir Keir Starmer.

Sunak’s “Extremist” Address

After Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced an address outside Downing Street to address what he called “Extremist” protests supporting Palestine, Starmer argued that Sunak has extremist problems of his own to address.

Starmer argued that the extremists lie within the Conservative Party and that Sunak needs to “get a grip” on them for dividing the British public since the Hamas attacks on October 7th.

The new £117 million security pledge to Muslim communities combined with the £1 million Muslim memorial is a clear attempt from the Conservatives to prove they are treating antisemitism and Islamophobia with the same tenacity, after concerns have been raised.

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