Asylum Seeker’s Family Calls for Inquiry Into Bibby Stockholm Barge Tragedy

The family of an asylum seeker who tragically lost his life after allegedly being “tricked” onto the Bibby Stockholm barge, have called for further inquiry into his death as they struggle to finance the repatriation service.

Asylum Seeker’s Family Speaks Out

The family of Leonard Farruku, an asylum seeker who tragically lost his life aboard the Bibby Stockholm, have called for an investigation into the death.

Not only are Leonard Farruku’s family claiming for an investigation into the circumstances around the death, but they also are struggling for finances to bring the body back to their home country.

With the burden of funeral expenses looming, Leonard’s sister, Jola Dushku, has launched a GoFundMe page hoping to collect £10,000 necessary for the repatriation process. 

Body Resting in Dorset

The 27-year-old’s body currently rests in a Dorset morgue after his untimely death onboard the highly-criticised Bibby Stockholm barge that was housing a number of asylum-seekers.

A post-mortem in Dorset determined Leonard Farruku’s cause of death as “compression of the neck” due to “suspension by ligature,” pointing towards a suicide.

Social Worker Admits Concern

A Social Worker who worked closely with Mr Farruku said, “I was always really concerned about him and sometimes he went into mental health crisis.’

“There are so many important parts of his story that need to be told as I am convinced this will happen again if pressure is not put on those who hold duty of care to support these people and who are consistently failing to meet their duty,” they continued.

Allegations of Misleading Asylum Seeker

According to the Social Worker, Farruku “refused to go” to the Bibby Stockholm barge and was “tricked” into going after being promised a hotel room instead.

Sister, Jola Dushku stated, “It was a tragedy we lost a brother in such circumstances, but we are now facing a double tragedy with not being able to have his body back home to have the funeral ceremony.”

As the family struggles with the financial burden, there is uncertainty about how long it will take to raise the required funds for the repatriation of Leonard Farruku’s body, “We don’t know how long it will take for the money to be raised,” she said.

Lawyers Write to Justice Minister

The family’s legal representatives have penned a letter to Justice Minister Alex Chalk, urging the prisons and probation ombudsman (PPO) to look further into the details of Farruku’s death. 

Leonard Farruku’s life came to an unimaginable end within the confines of the Bibby Stockholm barge, a location spotlighted by UK media for its controversial role in accommodating asylum seekers.

Home Secretary James Cleverly assured a comprehensive investigation into Mr Farruku’s sudden death, “This was a tragic incident and our thoughts are with everyone affected,” the Home Office said.

“This incident is currently being investigated by the police and coroner and it is right that the facts and circumstances are established in the appropriate, legal manner,” the spokesperson for the Home Office continued.

The statement closed, ensuring, “We take the welfare of all asylum seekers very seriously, and all concerns raised by any asylum seekers are dealt with sensitively.” 

Modest Contributions Amidst the Struggle

By Tuesday morning, the fundraising efforts had gained £570, nearly £9,500 short of the target, showing a long way to go.

“As it has been reported widely in the UK media, Leonard died inside the Bibby Stockholm barge where the Home Office is accommodating people,” his sister continued.

“An inquest has been opened into the circumstances of his death. Leonard’s body has been in the Dorset morgue since his death on December 12 2023,” she said.

“We kindly ask for help to raise funds to have Leonard’s body returned from the UK back home to Albania to rest in peace,” she said in a humble plea.

These allegations of inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, brought on by the Tory party, are the reasons why the Bibb Stockholm barge came under such scrutiny and why the call for an inquiry into the death has been made.

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