Jacob Reese-Mogg Calls for Boris Return From Suspension

There have been some calls for a return to frontline politics for disgraced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who’s currently under suspension for his role in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voices Urge Johnson’s Return

Facing the prospect of a landslide defeat after dismal polls, some Conservative MPs are advocating for the return of Boris Johnson. The former Prime Minister could encounter difficulties in making a comeback as an MP, potentially triggering a by-election over the Partygate scandal.

Science Minister Andrew Griffith became the first minister to express support, citing Johnson as a “great voice,” for the UK if he were to return to the top of the Conservative party.

#BringBackBoris Campaign Begins

Other Tory MPs were rallying for the return of Johnson by using the phrase “Bring Back Boris”, which Jacob Reese-Mogg recently posted online in the form of a hashtag.

The front page of one newspaper in the UK even used the term “Star Striker” to signify a potential return. However, this will prove difficult due to the party gate suspension.

Johnson Accused of Misleading Parliament

The Privileges Committee’s investigation found that Johnson deliberately misled Parliament regarding No10 parties during the Covid pandemic, leading to a recommendation of a 90-day suspension.

Since Boris Johnson’s suspension is longer than 14 days, it could trigger a potential by-election if voted for by 10% of the public or more.

Although Johnson’s resignation before MPs could vote on the Privileges Committee’s recommendations, the report received overwhelming support, with 354 votes in favour and seven against, leading to the loss of Johnson’s Parliamentary access pass.

Sunak Undeserving of Boris’s Help

When debating whether Boris should return, Campbell Bannerman argued, “Why should he help Sunak when Sunak allegedly threatened to bring him down again if he stood as leader last time?” 

Bannerman asserted that Johnson “would’ve won the leadership” in that situation and said Sunak would have to go down on both knees and beg Boris to help save him.”

Commons sources revealed that there is a precedent for re-imposing suspension even if Johnson returns as an MP.

Tory Party “Death Spiral”

Not every Conservative would like to see Johnson’s return, former leader Lord Hague suggested that Boris Johnson’s come back to frontline politics would lead to a “death spiral” for the Tory party.

Johnson’s supporters genuinely view him as the only potential Tory leader with the voting public’s backing after winning the party’s biggest landslide victory in 2019 since Thatcher’s victory in 1987.

Johnson Ousted By Own Party

Johnson was ousted from his position by his own party just four years later, having attempted to guide the country through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s because of this and the Partygate scandal that critics like Foreign Office Minister Jesse Norman said a return would be an “absolutely catastrophic decision.”

Johnson’s Unfitness for Office

The Lib Dems’ Shadow Leader of the House, Wera Hobhouse, noted Boris Johnson’s disregard for rules during the pandemic, labelling his actions as shameful and calling for a motion to apply the suspension.

“Boris Johnson trampled all over the rules he set for the country whilst people could not be with loved ones as they passed away and then lied about it,” said Wobhouse.

“These shameful actions have proven himself completely unfit to be an MP. Any Leader of the House put in this position must put forward a motion to apply this suspension,” Wobhouse urged.

Conservatives Could Welcome Boris Back

“Boris and everyone else” is welcome, according to sources close to No. 10, asserting that the “whole Conservative family” will be needed to win the election.

The polls seem to fancy Labour and predict one of Labour’s largest landslide victories in history, so many in government believe they need all the help they can get.

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