Just Stop Oil’s New ‘Loony’ Plan to Target Labour MPs in Their Own Homes

According to radical climate activists in the group Just Stop Oil, the group will refrain from previous methods of protest, replacing them with targeting Labour MP’s homes.

Unveiling Radical Plans

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Just Stop Oil activists are allegedly orchestrating a nationwide campaign that will target MPs’ homes, offices, and public speeches ahead of the upcoming General Election.

A Campaign of Intimidation

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An investigation from the Mail on Sunday revealed that the environmental activists are ready to go above and beyond their previously bold protests, expressing a “total departure” from tactics of previous years.

MPs to Take Caution

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During the upcoming General Election, MPs are urged to take extraordinary precautions to safeguard themselves against intimidation and home invasions. 

Speaker Urges MPs to Protect Themselves

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The Speaker has advised MPs to take various security measures, including alarming their homes to protect against intruders, reinforcing windows and doors, and even hiring trained security guards.

Eco-Activists Ready to Look ‘Bit Loony’

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Activists expressed their readiness to appear ‘a bit loony’ as they plan the new, disruptive actions even wilder than previous protest attempts, which included gluing hands to the road and zip-tying their necks to goalposts during football matches.

Targeting Labour MPs

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One activist revealed that they were no longer looking at gluing their hands to the roads, and instead focusing their attention on “Labour MPs.”

Just Stop Oil Strategy Revealed

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“What our strategy is, at least in the short-term, is that we’re going to be occupying Labour MPs’ offices, their houses, disrupting their speeches, etc,” one activist said.

The Face of the Protest Phoebe Plummer

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The protests have been confirmed by none other than Phoebe Plummer, who has made herself the main face of Just Stop Oil over the years.

MPs Facing Violent Threats and Attacks

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MPs have been the target of many critics on social media, where they have been warned about potential dangers to their lives and even their families.

Attempt to Destroy Iconic Painting

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Last year, members of Just Stop Oil threw tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting, Sunflowers, displayed in the National Gallery in London in a protest against the use of oil.

Plummer Arrested After Protest

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Phoebe Plummer was arrested as part of the duo that attempted to destroy the famous painting on the 14th consecutive day that Just Stop Oil caused “continuous disruption” to get the world to notice them.

Historians Claim Van Gogh Protest as Counterproductive

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Comparing the Van Gogh protest to that of the Suffragettes fighting to allow women to vote, historians argue that rubbing people up the wrong way may be counterproductive to getting the public on your side.

Attacking MPs in the Past

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Other previous stunts included disruptive demonstrations outside the Prime Minister’s home and caroling at Sir Keir Starmer’s family home, which are reportedly small compared with what’s to come.

Speaker to Discuss Strategies

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The Speaker will be meeting with Home Secretary James Cleverly and Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes to discuss collaborative strategies aimed at tackling the evolving security challenges faced by MPs.

Politicians Could Be Pushed Over The Edge

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One MP, Alicia Kearns, warned that protests like the ones planned could “push politicians to the point where they question whether it is all worth it,” claiming that it’s the families who will suffer.

Protests “Wholly Unacceptable” 

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Kearns called the decision to protest in the form of attacking an MP’s house “wholly unacceptable” and it has a “chilling effect on political discourse.”

Labour MP Targeted Previously

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An incident outside MP Tobias Ellwood’s house in Bournemouth saw police do nothing as protestors formed groups outside the Labour servant’s front garden.

Home Office Urges Police to “Protect Democracy”

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A letter was written by Home Office ministers to the head of the police, requesting that they use “all existing powers at their disposal to maintain order and protect democracy”.

Commitment to the Cause

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Just Stop Oil has proven that they aren’t bluffing when it comes to targeting MPs’ homes, as the country waits to see whether the police will respond to future distress calls in a way that MPs consider to be worthy.

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