Labour Argues All Indicators Point Towards May Election

A member of the Labour Party has hinted in an interview that the Prime Minister could call a general election as early as May, saying that it would be the Tory’s “preferred choice.”

Shadow Health Secretary Election Claims

The Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, recently revealed that a general election could be on the cards as early as May, suggesting that “All of the indicators point towards May.”

While the election’s earliest date is in January next year, according to Streeting, the Conservatives’ “preferred choice” would be May after the Party has come under intense scrutiny over the last few months.

Despite the polls suggesting a landslide defeat for the Tories being on the cards, Sunak previously hinted at an Autumn election, causing Labour to criticize the decision.

Sunak “Squatting” In Downing Street

Streeting denounced Sunak’s idea of an Autumn election, claiming that the Prime Minister is “squatting” inside Downing Street instead of listening to the cries of the public.

Streeting urged Rishi Sunak to go to the polls, arguing that if the Prime Minister believes in offering the necessary change, seeking the people’s permission through an election is the right approach.

According to Streeting, the people of the UK are “fed up” with the Prime Minister along with 14 years of the Conservatives, claiming that Sunak is only staying for his own personal ego.

Streeting claimed that Sunak was willing to stay as Prime Minister “for his own personal survival and wanting to clock up two years as Prime Minister.”

The people are “crying out for change” claimed Streeting, urging the Prime Minister to go to the polls, but instead, according to Streeting, Sunak “will squat in Downing Street into the autumn.”

Labour Leader Slams “Weak” PM

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has also slammed the Prime Minister’s “weakness” that has led to the showing of “impunity” by certain members of the Tory Party.

Starmer called on Sunak to “Get a grip” of his own Party, urging the Prime Minister to “take on the extremists in his party,” just days after Sunak called pro-Palestine protestors “extremists” in a Downing Street address.

Polls Suggests Record-Low Confidence

A recent Ipsos poll indicated that Labour is a staggering 27 percentage points in front of the Conservatives in terms of public confidence, the largest gap between the two parties since 1978.

The poll also indicated a record-low satisfaction rate for the current government, with 83% of public voters voicing their dissatisfaction with Sunak and his Tory government.

Despite this, confidence in Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is also looking bleak, as 55% say that they would not be confident having Starmer as their Prime Minister.

Liz Truss’s Battle With Confidence

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss was ousted after just 50 days in Downing Street, while famously losing a vote of confidence to a lettuce back in 2021. 

Three years later, Streeting believes that nothing has changed regarding confidence and that Rishi Sunak lost to the woman who lost to the lettuce and crashed the economy.”

Streeting argued that with all this in mind, “I think it’s time to ask the country,” arguing for a general election in May rather than the hinted Autumn.

Tory MPs Under Fire

The Tories have come under intense scrutiny over recent months after allegations of “Islamophobia” within the Party, coming as former Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended for his comments on “Islamists” taking control of London.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called Anderson’s comments an “appalling racist and Islamophobic outburst.” Starmer added that the multiple allegations of anti-Muslim rhetoric from Conservative MPs “Isn’t just embarrassing for the Conservative party, it emboldens the worst forces in our politics.”

With multiple calls for a general election from all sides, mixed with dire predictions in the polls, it’s still very possible that the Prime Minister could call an election as early as May.

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