Mysterious Death of Russian Opposition Leader Sparks Calls for Fresh Sanctions Against Putin

Russia is being accused of the murder of President Putin’s opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, who died of “sudden death syndrome” in prison. The UK is now urging fellow leaders of the Western world to impose fresh sanctions on Russian banks.

Hints at Fresh Sanctions

Russia has been hit with a fresh wave of condemnation from leaders across the globe for the death of imprisoned politician Alexei Navalny, with potential sanctions on the horizon.  

The Foreign Secretary, Lord David Cameron, alongside other G7 ministers, urged Russia to “fully clarify” the circumstances surrounding the demise of the jailed opposition leader, adding pressure on Western leaders to respond.

Lord Cameron didn’t hold back with his words against Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that “We should hold Putin accountable for this,” at the G7 Summit.

Navalny “Stood Up” Against Dictatorships

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, also put the blame on Russia for Navalny’s sudden passing, “He stood up for democracy and freedom in Russia,” Scholz said.

Schulz insisted that Navalny has “now paid for this courage with his life,” and questioned, “what kind of regime is in power in Moscow.”

Navalny was poisoned in 2020, where he sought refuge in Germany and received expert treatment, to which he made a full recovery. Scholz admitted that he spoke to Navalny during his time in Berlin.

Seizing Russian Central Bank Assets

At the German G7 gathering, Lord Cameron called for countries to seize Russian bank assets and use the money to rebuild the parts of Ukraine that Russia had destroyed.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak described Navalny as someone who “demonstrated incredible courage throughout his life” and spoke of his death as “terrible news.”

The Prime Minister spoke with the European Commissioner President Ursula von der Leyen about the death that surprised the world, with a spokesperson making a statement outside Downing Street.t

“The Prime Minister and President Von der Leyen expressed their outrage at the death of Alexei Navalny, and underscored the utmost importance of holding those responsible within the Russian system to account,” the spokesperson said.

Support for Government Response

Labour also expressed its willingness to back any measures taken by the Conservative government in order to show the world that Navalny’s death would not go down in vain.

With the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaching, Vladimir Putin’s forces claim complete control of the frontline city of Avdiivka, adding to the tension surrounding Navalny’s death.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky echoed the response of the G7 Summit leaders, saying, “It’s obvious he was killed by Putin,” before issuing a stark analysis of Putin to G7 leaders.

President Zelensky insisted that “Putin doesn’t care who dies, only for him to hold his position. And that is why he should not keep anything.”

US Vice President Speaks Out

The US Vice President Kamala Harris also had stern words for Putin, stressing that it “would be a further sign of Putin’s brutality. Whatever story they tell, let us be clear: Russia is responsible.”

Back in 2021, when Navalny was sentenced to a Russian prison for his opposition to Vladimir Putin’s regime, President Joe Biden announced that Navalny’s death in prison would be “devastating for Russia.”

Navalny’s spokesperson asserted that the Russian opposition leader was “murdered,” contradicting official statements about his cause of death.

Questions Surrounding The Body

According to Navalny’s mother and lawyer, the Russian officials told them that Navalny had died following “sudden death syndrome.” Still, despite his mother’s attempts to visit the body, she was told the morgue was closed.

Now, the world waits to see the sanctions that will be put in place following the politician’s death, and whether President Biden will follow up on his warning.

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