Prince Harry Reveals He Has Considered US Citizenship

The Duke of Sussex has considered embracing American citizenship, with a discussion of the titles he would have to relinquish, tax implications, and pushing at already strained family bonds. Here’s the whole story. 

Misery Loves Company

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Prince Harry has had a pretty rough time of it in the UK recently, from his public falling out with the Royals, the death of his beloved grandmother, and his tell-all book causing controversy. 

American Royals

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Because of this, in a recent interview with Good Morning America, Prince Harry hinted at the possibility of pursuing American citizenship. 

“I Have Considered It”

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When questioned about the prospect, he expressed his openness to the idea, stating, “I have considered it, yeah.”

Not High on the To-Do List

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Despite this consideration, he quickly clarified that “the thought has crossed my mind but not a high priority right now.”

Switching Sides

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The Duke of Sussex’s contemplation of switching sides and taking on American citizenship has raised serious questions about such a momentous decision’s political and personal implications. 

Citizenship, Please?

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However, for Prince Harry to obtain American citizenship, it would not be as easy as the Duke just asking nicely. 

The Harry Formerly Known As Prince

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According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), obtaining American citizenship would necessitate the renunciation of his titles. 

Troubled Waters

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This move, though undoubtedly a significant step for Harry personally, may help to smooth over the strained relationship that the Sussexes have with Harry’s Royal family. 

Ongoing Criticism

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There has been ongoing criticism of Harry and Megan by some of the more fervent monarchists in the UK for the couple continuing to use their titles despite their strained relationship with the Royals. 

Don’t Mention The Monarchy

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Those same critics have long called for removing the Sussexes’ titles after being angered by what they see as unfair and unfounded criticisms of the Royal family and the institution of monarchy. 

Take Our Title Back

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While some advocate for the voluntary relinquishment of titles, the more rabid critics argue for their forceful removal by the monarchy. 

No Longer HRH

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Despite these outlandish suggestions, the palace has reportedly never considered stripping the couple of their titles, and the couple has suspended their His Royal Highness titles according to an agreement established while Queen Elizabeth II was alive.

California Dreaming

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as they remain known for the time being, relocated to the United States in early 2020, settling in Montecito, California, where they live with their two children.

Turning Point

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According to Harry in his recent tell-all book ‘Spare’ the decision to step back from their royal duties was not taken lightly and marked a significant turning point in their lives. 

You Can Keep It

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While Megan began applying for UK citizenship during her time in Britain, perhaps because of the frosty reception she received from much of the right-wing press, she did not complete it and instead kept her US citizenship. 

No More Mr. Knight Guy

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US immigration policy stipulates that individuals with hereditary titles or positions of nobility must renounce them as part of the naturalization process.


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This renunciation usually occurs in a public ceremony, with explicit statements disavowing any previous titles or orders of nobility previously held by the applicant. 

More to Consider

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However, losing their titles would not be the only consideration for the couple. 

Tax, Tax and More Tax

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Given his private earnings and considerable inherited wealth, acquiring US citizenship may have significant tax implications for the Duke and Duchess. 

Dual Taxation

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This tricky situation would leave the poor ex-Royals facing the daunting prospect of being taxed in the UK and the US. 

Won’t Someone Think Of The Millionaire?

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, born in the US, infamously renounced his US citizenship in 2015 due to the pressure the potentially embarrassed millionaire felt over his dual taxation. 

High Society

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There have already been some legal questions over the current state of Harry’s US visa, seeing how, in his book, he admitted to taking drugs, which should disqualify him from obtaining a visa. 

One Rule For Them…

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However, for now, this will not affect a Prince in the same way it would a mere commoner. 

Life’s Hard

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While questions continue to be asked regarding the place of Harry within the Royal family and what the forfeiture of his place in the line of succession would mean for the monarchy, as well as for his US citizenship aspirations, for now, the Duke seems happy to live in California with his famous actress wife and their millions. 

Common People

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Considering all the speculation around an offhand remark made by Harry during an interview, it may be no surprise that he would wish to leave some of his unearned and, apparently unwanted, notoriety behind for a more ordinary life stateside. 

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