‘They All Want to Know What I’m Going to Do’ – Farage Boasts Politicians Are Calling Him for Advice

Nigel Farage has inserted himself back into the political machinations of the UK. Here’s the full story. 

The Everywhere Man

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Nigel Farage is a shapeshifter whose power and influence are extensive all across British politics, even though he’s never been voted into Parliament. 

Auspicious Return

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The man whose single issue party, UKIP, arguably pushed David Cameron’s government to the right and forced them to call for the Brexit referendum, is now back, lurking in the minds of many within the governing Conservative party. 

Speculation Mounts

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Though UKIP has been consigned to the dustbin of history, Farage, never willing to give up a chance to be in the political spotlight, has been the center of a storm of speculation surrounding his return to frontline politics. 

MP’s “Desperate”

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In a remarkably self-serving interview with the very same news platform that employs him, GB News, the Fox News lite of the already heavily right-wing, billionaire-owned UK media ecosystem, Farage revealed that he was regularly receiving calls from “desperate” Tory MPs, who can see the writing on the wall as their party’s spectacular fall from grace continues apace. 

Holding All The Cards

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In the mercurial style Farage has perfected over his years as a political animal, he has yet to reveal if he will return to politics or which party he could potentially stand for. 

Ideological Distance

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At a recent launch of the ironically named Popular Conservative group, one of a hydra of factions within the rapidly disintegrating Conservative Party, Farage spoke at length about the considerable ideological distance between himself and the Tories. 

No Chance

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Though Farage is the honorary president of the Reform UK party, Farage has never been one to align himself with a party that, due to the UK’s first past the post electoral system, has no chance of being elected as the government. 

New Phone, Who Dis?

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Despite the distance between the rigid right policies voiced by Farage, particularly on the topic of immigration, and the current position of the leadership of the Conservative party, during a recent interview with The Times, Farage boasted that he was frequently receiving text messages and calls from desperate Tories. 

“Uncle Nige”

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Farage stated, “I’m Uncle Nige. They all want to know what I’m going to do.”

This attempt to position himself as part of the Conservative family, most likely the uncle no longer invited over at Christmas due to his political ranting at the dinner table, has led to further speculation regarding his political manoeuvring. 

The Prodigal Son

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Farage also reflected on his reception at the Tory Party Conference, where he likened it to that of a prodigal son returning home, mixing metaphors that all point to one dysfunctional political family. 

UKIP to Tory Pipeline

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Dysfunctional or not, the Farage political family is growing.

“Uncle Nige,” never one to have a slight sense of his importance, claimed in the same interview that many of the Conservative Party’s most rabid activists got started in politics due to UKIP, his single-issue party which aimed to see Britain leave the EU. 

Come To Me

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Farage sees the many former UKIP supporters firmly entrenched within the Conservative Party, shifting the party’s politics ever rightward towards him.

Reform UK

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While Farage was typically non-committal about his political future, he is currently aligned with Reform UK, a party which he claims is more closely aligned with his values. 

Speculation Mounts

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Despite his current alignment, speculation about Farage’s next move continues. His outsized influence within and outside the Conservative Party cannot be understated. 

Political Fluidity

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The fact that a man never elected to Parliament, instead taking a salary from the EU, the institution he claimed to despise, as an MEP, holds such sway over the party of government only emphasizes the current fluid state of British politics.

“Very Happy”

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Though Farage claims that he is “very happy” with life away from frontline politics, his recent machinations suggest otherwise. 

Shifting Right

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As the UK gears up for the election this year, the reappearance of Farage is emblematic of the current rightward shift of the Conservative Party and its many emerging factions as it looks more certain their party will lose. 

Guess Who’s Back?

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The timing of Farage’s dramatic return to politics, despite his claims to the contrary, suggests that he has seen a space open up within the political melee to insert himself. 

Looking for Direction

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As the Conservative Party grapples with its much-predicted struggle in the election, Tories, who never take losing well, will no doubt be rudderless and looking for direction. 

Seismic Shift

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Perhaps that will be just the time that “Uncle Nige” might reappear, willing to help the right get back on their feet, now with him at the head.

The effect this seismic shift in UK politics will have on the rest of the country remains to be seen. 

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