Tory Donor Makes Racially Comments Towards Diane Abbott

On the same week that a former Tory MP, Lee Anderson, defected to the right-wing Party, Reform UK, it was revealed that a major Tory donor made racist and violent threats towards Labour MP Diane Abbott.

Conservative Donor Under Scrutiny

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The Conservative Party’s major donor, Frank Hester, has made racist and threatening comments about Labour MP and former Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, 

Hateful Comments Unveiled

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Frank Hester allegedly made comments during a meeting at The Phoenix Partnership (TPP), expressing strong negativity towards Diane Abbott while involving the color of her skin.

Hester’s Racially Charged Comments

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Hester revealed that he believed just looking at Diane Abbott made you “want to hate all black women,” before adding a sinister threat to the insult.

Hester’s Sinister Threat Towards Abbott

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Frank Hester, the multi-million-pound donor to Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party, expressed that he thought the Labour MP “should be shot,” receiving huge backlash from Labour politicians.

Hester’s Large Financial Backing

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Hester has donated a sum of £10 million towards Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party in the last year alone, making him one of the Party’s biggest financial supporters.

Labour’s Skepticism for Hester Money

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Many in the Labour Party camp believe the money is now tainted and should be returned due to Hester’s discriminatory beliefs and the threatening nature of his comments.

Hester’s Opening Claim

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Hester was reported to have said at the meeting, “Honestly, I try not to be sexist” before revealing his hatred towards another executive and involving the fact she is a woman.

Hester’s Sexist and Racist Comparison

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Hester then compared his urge “not to be sexist” with trying not to be racist, “It’s like trying not to be racist” he said before launching a scathing attack on Abbott and her skin color.

Involving Diane Abbott

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After admitting he tries his best not to be racist, Hester admitted, “But you see Diane Abbott on the TV, and you’re just like,” before generalizing all black women based on looks.

Hester Reveals Racially Charged Comments

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Hester then revealed that “you just want to hate all black women because she’s there” referring to the Labour MP Diane Abbott being on TV.

Threatening Comments To Abbott

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Hester then went on a rant that could cite violence from the public towards Diane Abbott based purely on the colour of her skin, “I don’t hate all black women at all, but I think she should be shot,” he said.

Hester Makes Threats Towards Abbott And Executive

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Hester revealed that he thinks the unnamed executive and Diane Abbott, “need to be shot,” saying that “She’s stupid” and sacking her is not enough in his eyes.

Hester Incites Violence Towards Women

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Hester suggested that simply sacking the pair won’t do, If we can get [the executive] being unprofessional we can get her sacked. It would be much better if she died,” he said.

Hester’s Spokesperson’s Statement

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Hester’s spokesperson insisted that the Tory donor attempted to apologize for his remarks by calling Abbott “twice” and making amends “for the hurt he caused her,” but her Labour colleagues feel the damage has already been done.

Labour Fights Back

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Labour politicians have demanded that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak give back the £10 million sum received by Hester, including Labour MP Anneliese Dodds and Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting. 

“Deeply Disturbing” Comments

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Dodds called Hester’s comments “deeply disturbing” and demanded that although the Party may have accepted the money “in good faith,” they should immediately return it.

Conservative’s Tainted Donation

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According to Dodds, Frank Hester is the Tory Party’s “biggest ever donor” but “Anything less than returning the money will be a stain on the Conservative Party.”

Streeting’s Stern Criticism

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Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, has been a stern critic towards members of the Tory Party after recent allegations of “Islamophobia” were inflicted on certain MPs.

Streeting’s Condemnation 

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Streeting slammed Hester’s comments as “utterly revolting, racist and inciteful language”, claiming that “it has no place in our politics and public life”.

Conservatives Under Fire

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The Conservative Party has had allegations of racism and Islamophobia thrown at them in recent months, leading to one MP, Lee Anderson, defecting to the right-wing party, Reform UK.

Racism Allegations Continue

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The latest comments made by one of its top donors reveal that if the Party does not take some sort of action, allegations of racism within the Party may have some not-so-hidden truth.

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