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Welcome to Pulse365 – Your Daily Look at American Life

Hello! I’m Sarah, and I’m here to guide you through the vibrant and varied aspects of life in the U.S. Whether it’s the latest business developments, health trends, cultural shifts, or just the everyday American experience, Pulse365 is your go-to source.

Here at Pulse365, we keep things simple and straightforward. We’re committed to diving deep into the topics that interest you most—delivered with clarity and purpose. Our approach is about exploring meaningful stories that not only inform but resonate with your daily life.

We’ve brought together a group of guest writers, each sharing their unique take on what makes our country tick. They help ensure that Pulse365 offers a rich mix of perspectives that will keep you connected and engaged.

Join me as we discover more about the world around us, one day at a time.

Pulse365—where every day brings a new story. It’s wonderful to have you with us!

Sarah Griffin – Founder & Curator

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