Louisiana Exodus: Seeking Safer, Prosperous Futures Beyond the Bayou State

Louisiana, with its deep cultural roots and vibrant communities, is witnessing a growing trend of residents moving away. What’s behind this shift? 1. Hurricane Devastation Frequent and powerful hurricanes like Katrina and Ida have left long-lasting impacts, pushing residents to seek safer, less storm-prone areas. 2. Coastal Erosion Significant coastal erosion, due in part to … Read more

How Did the Top 1% Gain $50 Trillion During COVID While Many Struggle?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, income inequality in the United States worsened, with a significant wealth transfer upwards, as highlighted by the RAND Corporation’s findings of a $50 trillion shift from American workers to the wealthiest since 1975. The World Inequality Report further revealed that billionaires now own a record 3.5% of global household wealth, exacerbating … Read more

The White House Has A New Plan to Tackle America’s Student Loan Crisis

President Joe Biden has announced a significant proposal aimed at addressing the student loan crisis by introducing targeted debt relief for millions of Americans across five specific borrower groups. Campaign Promises  If we look back on U.S. President Joe Biden’s campaign for office, we’ll see that a consistent promise he made was to address the … Read more

Call to Shield Seniors’ Social Security From Student Loan Deductions Intensifies

Democratic lawmakers have come out in force this week with an open letter to President Joe Biden stating that some of the country’s most vulnerable are losing their access to Social Security due to their student loans. Here’s the full story. Call to Halt Social Security Benefit Sanctions Democratic lawmakers have said in an open … Read more

Illinois Contemplates Unconditional Cash Transfers for Residents

There’s talk of a new policy being floated in Illinois that could make the lives of countless Illinoisans much easier. Here’s the full story. Illinois Considers Guaranteed Income Guaranteed basic income could be on the cards in Illinois. This week, lawmakers heard proposals from several different advocates, all pushing for guaranteed income for those who … Read more