A Quarter of Americans Over 50 Fear They Can’t Afford to Retire: How Boomer Leftists Are Advocating for Retirement Security

The future of US retirees is looking bleak, as many employed Americans doubt they’ll ever stop working.  1 in 4 Americans Approximately one-quarter of working Americans over 50 years old doubt they will ever retire, as shared in a recent survey by the American Association of Retired Persons. Concerning Results The survey spoke to 8000 … Read more

Debt Dilemma: Billionaire Warns of Financial Crisis

Another high-profile financial figure has stepped forward to warn about the potential impacts of the US trillion-dollar national debt. Cooperman Speaks Out The US is being nudged ever closer to a financial crisis as a result of trillion-dollar debt, according to billionaire investor Leon Cooperman. Interview With CNBC In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, … Read more

Smoking Sticker Shock: Minneapolis Faces $15 Per Pack

Minnesota‘s most populous city has made the controversial move to raise minimum cigarette prices, making prices the highest in the U.S. A Unanimous Vote In a bid to improve public health, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously for an ordinance that will raise the minimum retail prices for cigarettes. The Highest in the Nation It’s … Read more