£1 Million to Muslim Soldier Memorial Fund to Honour Lives Lost

The Conservatives have announced a contribution of £1 million to build a memorial that honours the Muslim soldiers who have fought and died for the country after multiple allegations of Islamophobia have rocked the Tories.

Unveiling the Budget

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the highly-anticipated, pre-election budget that has already come under scrutiny from both Labour MPs and members of the Tory Party.

Acknowledging Everyone’s Contributions

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Hunt insisted as the budget was being announced, that “Whatever your faith or colour or class, this country will never forget the sacrifices made for our future,” he said.

Announcement to Honour Muslims

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The Conservatives, who have been under fire recently for their response to Islamophobic allegations within the party, announced they would honour all Muslims who fought and died for Britain in the Second World War.

Honouring Those Who Fought and Died

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Despite these allegations, Hunt insisted that he would “start today by remembering the Muslims who died in two world wars in the service of freedom and democracy.”

Hunt’s War Memorial Plan

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Hunt announced that the government would spend a total of £1 million honouring 750,000 Muslim soldiers who died in the war in the form of a war memorial.

Acknowledging Loss of Life

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Hunt mentioned the war between Israel and Hamas taking place in Gaza and the “tragic loss of life” as tens of thousands of Palestinians have lost their lives due to the conflict.

Sunak Speaks Out Against Hate

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has spoken out against the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia since the events of October 7th last year, when hundreds of Israelis were brutally killed and captured at the hands of Hamas.

Sir Sajid Javid’s Inquiry

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The funding announcement followed an inquiry by Conservative MP Sir Sajid Javid, inquiring about the government’s stance on supporting a proposal for a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Hunt Informs House of Memorial Plans

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In response to Javid’s request, Hunt informed the House of Commons that “following representations” from Sir Javid, “I’ve decided to allocate £1 million towards the cost” of building a memorial.

Conservative Controversies

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A number of Conservative MPs have come under fire for their rhetoric surrounding the religion of Islam this year, leading to the suspension of former Tory MP Lee Anderson.

Anderson’s Attack on London’s Mayor

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Anderson said in an interview that he believed London Mayor Sadiq Khan was under the “control” of “Islamists,” and argued that he had allowed the city of London to be taken over “by his mates.”

Anderson Echoing Words of Braverman

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Anderson was echoing the words of former Homer Secretary Suella Braverman, who insisted that the “Islamist, extremists, and antisemites” had taken over Britain.

Sunak’s Response to Anderson’s Suspension

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak insisted that Anderson’s words were “wrong” but refrained from labelling them as Islamophobic, as so many other MPs have already, including Khan himself.

Sunak Warns of Divide

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Sunak recently addressed the public outside Downing Street, claiming that “extremists” were trying to divide the country in the form of pro-Palestine protests, noting the rise in antisemitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Hate Crimes Skyrocketing

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In the UK, hate crimes in general sky-rocketed by 651% in the first two weeks after the October 7th attacks, with 33 physical attacks carried out against Jewish individuals.

Sunak Pledges £72 Million Security Package

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Sunak pledged a huge £72 million package to bolster security for Jewish communities in the UK, including schools, in response to the rise in hate crime attacks.

Gratitude for Government Support

Chairman Expresses Gratitude

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Sir William Blackburne, Chairman of The World Wars Muslim Memorial Trust, expressed gratitude for the government’s support, “We are very grateful to the Government for its support,” he said in response to the funding.

Redefining Muslim Roles In Modern Britain

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Blackburne insisted that the funding aligns with the Trust’s views and goals, “with the widespread re-evaluation of colonial history and the role Muslims play in a dynamic and changing modern Britain.”

Fighting Against Division

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“The memorial will be a physical reminder of how people of all faiths make an impact working together,” Blackburne said, despite those who try and “divide” society in the UK.

Muslim Council Calls For Investigation

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The Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim organisation in the UK, have called on Rishi Sunak to investigate Islamophobia in the party, after the comments from Anderson displayed “structural Islamophobia.”

Sunak’s Last Gasp Approach?

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While Rishi Sunak denied any Islamophobia issues within the Tory Party, the funding towards the Muslim soldier memorial could be seen as a last-ditch attempt to regain support from the Muslim community ahead of the general election.

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