Blur Drummer Runs as Sussex Labour MP

A music star who helped redefine the British rock scene in the mid-90s has declared his entry into politics as Labour’s MP for Mid Sussex, arguing that “The Tories have run out of ideas.”

90’s Rock Hero Enters Politics

A cult hero of the British 90’s rock scene has announced his entry into politics, becoming a candidate for Mid Sussex in the general election that’s set to be announced for this year.

Dave Rowntree, the celebrated drummer of Blur, announced his entry into politics on social media as a Labour candidate for Mid Sussex, traditionally a Conservative-dominated constituency.

Rowntree rose to fame in the early 90’s at the age of 25, redefining the British rock scene with Brit-Pop outfit, Blur, but now at 59, he’s looking to redefine the Mid Sussex constituency. Originally from Essex, Rowntree, who went to law school, previously served as a Norfolk County councillor for four years.

Dismay at Tory Lockdown Policies

After COVID-19 struck, Rowntree declared his exit from politics after his dismay at the way the Tories had handled the pandemic.Rowntree shared the proud moment on his social media. In a statement, he stressed how excited he was to enter this new and important phase in his adult life.

‘‘I’m absolutely thrilled to have been selected as the UK Labour candidate for Mid Sussex!” he wrote, before admitting that there’s little time to celebrate and a lot of work to do, “Now the work begins,” he admitted.

Viewing this as a once-in-a-generational chance, Rowntree believes Mid Sussex residents have a rare opportunity to make their votes count and potentially elect a Labour Member of Parliament.

The Choice of a Generation

According to Rowntree, the residents of Mid Sussex have never had a better chance to vote in a Labour MP, “Residents have their best chance in a generation to make their vote count,” he said.

Rowntree pointed out what he perceives as a lack of ideas within the Conservative party and a loss of momentum for the Liberal Democrats.

Rowntree insisted “The Tories have run out of ideas, and the Lib Dems have run out of steam,” especially after the Spring Budget was just announced, receiving criticism from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Rowntree declared that the constituency of Mid Sussex needs a fresh outlook on politics, committing himself to providing the “energy and vision” that he says the area “so desperately needs.”

Decision to Step Down in 2021

After bowing out to politics during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rowntree insisted, “The pandemic has made life very difficult for everyone,” admitting that he locked himself away for a long time.

“Like many people, I live with a vulnerable family member so I have had to spend much of the year shielding,’’ Rowntree admitted.

After being publicly critical of the way the Tories handled the lockdown saga, Rowntree has declared himself back to help inflict the landslide defeat on the Conservatives that’s expected in the polls.

Largest Gap In Voter Confidence Since Thatcher

An Ipsos poll revealed that the Tories are sitting a staggering 27 percentage points behind Labour in voter confidence, the largest gap since 1978 when Margaret Thatcher was ousted.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also has a huge dissatisfaction rating from the public, which the poll revealed to be a staggering 83% rating, one of the highest ever on record.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt recently announced the pre-election Budget for 2024, with a scathing Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, calling it the “last desperate act of a party that has failed.”

Rowntree has been in significant battles before, the most famous being Blur v Oasis for the number one spot in the mid-90s, but now he must face a new head-to-head, Labour v Tories.

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