PM Breaks Silence on Potential Election Dates

Both Tory and Labour MPs have been calling for a May general election, which has fallen on the Prime Minister’s deaf ears until he finally announced his decision on whether to let the public decide his fate in Spring. Sunak’s May Election Announcement After multiple allegations of Islamophobia and racism slamming those involved in the … Read more

MP Working Hours Reach 25-Year Low

According to new reports, Members of Parliament’s working hours have reached a 25-year low under the supervision of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Parliamentary Critique Concerns have sparked over a so-called “Zombie Parliament,” which implies that MPs aren’t bothering to turn up to the benches for important discussions. Reports claim that working hours for Members of … Read more

Rishi Sunak Faces Backlash for Accepting Over-Inflation MP Pay Rise

Rishi Sunak’s acceptance of a 5.5% increase in his MP salary, which is higher than the inflation rate, has triggered debate and criticism amidst concerns over rising living costs and economic strain. Here’s the full story. Cost of Living Crisis Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has overseen a British economy that is wracked by a persistent … Read more

Gove Defines ‘Extremist’ Organisations in New List

After fighting off accusations of racism and Islamophobia within their party, the Conservatives have announced five organizations that fall under the new definition of “Extremism.” Gove Announces Extremist Groups Communities Secretary Michael Gove has announced five groups that the government has deemed to be “extremist” after redefining the word to be broader. The list condemned … Read more

Tories Discuss Replacing Sunak Before General Election to Prevent Labour Landslide

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could well be ousted before he gets to see the general election as reports surface revealing Tory Ministers discussing a “care-taker Prime Minister” to “hold off” a Labour victory. Cabinet Discussions on Sunak’s Future Recent discussions among Cabinet ministers have revolved around the possibility of replacing Rishi Sunak before the general … Read more

Muslim Organisations on Tory List Unite to Hit Back at the Government

Despite being named as “Extremist” organizations by the Conservatives, two of the Muslim organizations on the list have hit back at the government. Government’s New Definition of Extremism Communities Secretary Michael Gove recently announced that authorities were keeping an eye on five organizations after redefining “Extremism.” The groups consisted of two neo-Nazi organizations and three … Read more

Tory Donor Not Deemed ‘Extremist,’ Despite Wishing Harm on Labour MP

After a Tory donor suggested that Diane Abbott “Should be shot,” a Tory minister has insisted that this doesn’t put him in the new category of “extremist” that has just been announced. New Definition Announced After announcing a new definition of the word “extremism” to align with those protesting for peace in Gaza, the Conservatives … Read more

Tories in Trouble as Sunak Faces Pressure to Return £10 Million Donation

Amidst mounting controversy, Rishi Sunak is facing increasing pressure from within the Conservative party to return a £10 million donation following the donor’s controversial remarks. Here’s the full story. Political Hot Water Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has found himself in considerable political hot water as pressure mounts from within the Conservative Party for him to … Read more