“Chuckle Brothers of Decline” – Starmer Labels PM and Chancellor After Budget Announcements

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, after facing fat shaming abuse from the Chancellor, has had the last laugh, labelling him and the Prime Minister the “Chuckle Brothers of decline” as the budget was announced.

Keir Starmer’s Budget Critique

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Sir Keir Starmer has slammed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after the recent Spring Budget announcement, calling them the “Chuckle Brothers of decline.”

Recognizing a Potential Landslide

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As the polls point towards a landslide defeat in the yet-to-be-announced general election, Starmer took the opportunity to recognize the country’s perceived failure of the Party. 

Tory’s “Last Desperate Act”

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Starmer called the budget announcement the Tory’s “last desperate act of a party that has failed,” pointing the finger directly at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Allegations of Economic Mismanagement

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Starmer accused Hunt of overseeing a recession after the economy failed to rise over two three-month periods towards the end of last year, along with the highest tax rates in 70 years. 

Starmer Accuses Tories of “Taking” More Than They Give

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Starmer argued that Hunt’s budget strategy involved a contradictory approach of “giving with one hand and taking even more with the other,” which was followed by enormous cheers from his supporters in Parliament.

Starmer Retaliates to Chancellor’s Humor

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Using similar humor that has been directed towards Starmer of late by the Chancellor himself, Starmer branded Hunt and Sunak the “Chuckle Brothers of decline.”

Chancellor Echoes Fat-Shaming Comments

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The Chancellor suggested to Keir Starmer, while he was announcing the budget, that he should consider joining Hunt in marathon training, echoing the fat shaming comments towards the Labour leader.

Starmer Should “Shed a Few Pounds”

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The original comments came from a member of the House of Lords, Lord Mandelson, who suggested that Starmer needs to “shed a few pounds” in relation to his weight on a recent podcast.

Fat Shaming Allegations

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Starmer seemed to take the light-hearted comments well during Hunt’s speech, although Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, labelled the comments “fat shaming” in a previous interview.

“Smiling as the Ship Goes Down”

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Overall, it was Starmer who had the last laugh, dismissing Hunt’s budget as the sign of the government “smiling as the ship goes down,” calling the Conservatives “bereft of ideas.”

“Iceberg, What iceberg?”

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In a last humorous remark, Starmer mocked Hunt, “Crisis? What crisis?” he said, “Or as the captain of the Titanic and the former prime minister herself might have said, iceberg? What iceberg?”

Nothing But a “Political Gimmick”

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Starmer criticised the Chancellor’s announcement to cut national insurance by 2p, calling it a “short-term,” plan that comes across as a “cynical, political gimmick.”

Concerns of a “Rishi Recession”

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Starmer summed up the Prime Minister’s time in Number 10 as the “Rishi recession” referring to the technical recession that the UK fell into at the start of the year after the economy declined over two three-month periods.

Tories “Maxed Out” On Nation’s Economy

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Starmer also said that the Tories had finally “maxed out the nation’s credit card,” before urging the Conservatives and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call for a general election.

Starmer Urges For Election

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Starmer urged Sunak to call for a general election, telling him to “stop the dithering,” arguing “: “It’s time to break the habit of 14 years” referring to the amount of time the Conservatives have spent in power. 

Tories Set for Defeat

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A recent Ipsos poll has indicated that the Tories are about to suffer the largest defeat since Margaret Thatcher’s ousting in 1978, sitting at 27 percentage points behind Labour.

Sunak “Squatting” In Number 10

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Echoing Starmer’s words that the Tories are “dithering,” Streeting accused Sunak of “Squatting” in Downing Street, saying that the public is “crying out” for an election” and urging Sunak to follow suit.

Prime Minister Ego Claim

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Streeting claimed that Sunak was only willing to stay as Prime Minister “for his own personal survival and wanting to clock up two years as Prime Minister.”

Political Tennis

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As Keir Starmer and the rest of the nation react to the budget, both parties are now looking to score as many political points as possible as an election looms.

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