Rochdale Chooses Workers’ Party, Rejecting Tory, Labour and Reform Parties

For the first time, the Workers Party of Britain has become victorious in a by-election with anti-war campaigner George Galloway beating the Conservatives, Labour and Reform UK in a landslide.

Galloway Emerges Victorious

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Left-wing Workers Party of Britain Leader, George Galloway, has secured a groundbreaking victory in the Rochdale by-election, triggered by the tragic death of Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd.

Galloway’s Winning Votes

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Galloway’s campaign managed to secure 12,335 votes, winning by almost 6,000 votes with a turnout of 37.6%, showing the constituency’s lack of support for both Labour and the Conservatives.

Labour’s Withdrawal of Support

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Labour withdrew support for their candidate, Azhar Ali, after his remarks about Israel’s conflict earlier this year. Galloway seized the opportunity to align his victory with the cause of Gaza.

Galloway’s Message to Starmer

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Addressing Keir Starmer, Galloway stated, “This is for Gaza,” stressing that the Labour leader would pay a high price for his perceived role in the ongoing situation in Palestine.

Galloway’s Warning Over Israel Support

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“You have paid and you will pay a high price for the role you have played . . . covering for the catastrophe presently going on in occupied Palestine,” said the ousted Labour MP.

Labour’s Candidate Controversy

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Azhar Ali faced controversy over remarks linking Israel to a deadly attack by Hamas. Despite apologies, Labour withdrew support, leaving Ali on the ballot, and he finished fourth.

Ali Apologizes for Shocking Comments

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Ali apologized for his comments, where he claimed Israel “allowed” the October 7th attacks from Hamas so that they could use it as an excuse to go to war with Palestine on the Gaza Strip.

Labour Leader Takes “Decisive Action”

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Despite the apology, Labour leader Keir Starmer said he was forced to take “decisive action” on Ali, adding “When I say the Labour Party has changed under my leadership I mean it,” hinting towards a history of anti-Semitism allegations within the party.

Ellie Reeves on Labour’s Stance

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Ellie Reeves, Labour’s deputy national campaign coordinator, supported Starmer’s decision, stressing the Party’s “zero tolerance of antisemitism” and apologizing to the people of Rochdale.

Criticism Arises About By-Election

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In what has been described as a “very bad day for Keir Starmer” by polling expert Joe Twyman, right-wing politicians have criticized the by-election as candidates allegedly received threats and abuse in the process.

Reform UK Claims Abuse to Candidates

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Right-wing Party Reform UK’s leader Richard Tice, has described the by-election as not “free and fair” due to “significant abuse” of the postal vote system, although failed to provide any evidence.

Tice Blames “Racist” Abuse on Defeat

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According to Tice, Simon Danzcuk, representing Reform UK in the Rochdale by-election was “subjected to death threats” and “suffered vile racist abuse” before losing out with just 6% of the votes.

Tice Attacks Lack of Standards

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“The behaviour of certain candidates and their supporters in this contest fell very far short of our traditional democratic standards,” Tice argued, claiming they were “refused entry to hustings in a public building.”

Galloway’s Anti-War Stance

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George Galloway, a prominent anti-war politician, and former Labour MP has been an independent force in British politics since his expulsion from the Labour Party in 2003.

Galloway’s Focus on Anti-War Campaigns

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Galloway’s previous victories in Bethnal Green and Bradford were rooted in campaigns opposing the Iraq war, similar to how he won over Rochdale as a stern critic of Israel’s alleged war crimes.

Galloway’s Rochdale Campaign

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Galloway’s Rochdale campaign specifically targeted the large Muslim population, but the Jewish community have expressed major concern over the welfare of its population in the area.

JRC Shows Concern For Galloway

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The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region (JRC) argued that Galloway “by his own admission… intends to speak about the conflict in Gaza before focusing on the people who have sent him to the Commons.”

JRC Slams Galloway’s Rhetoric

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The JRC slammed Galloway for having “a history of divisive rhetoric” which will create “anxiety for Jewish people who are already contending with record levels of hate crime.”

Government’s Support for Israel

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The government has issued its support for Israel in its conflict, despite major concerns about a recent incident that involved a crowd of Palestinians tragically killed while receiving aid, which Israel denies.

Lack of Confidence in Top Parties

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Galloway’s victory in Rochdale shows that the Conservatives and Labour are not invincible in British politics, with more of the population showing a lack of confidence in either party.

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