Meta Services Go Down Causing Chaos Across UK Businesses

Meta services, including Facebook and Instagram, unexpectedly collapsed, sending shockwaves through businesses in the UK and beyond, while Google grappled with its own digital demons. Here’s the full story.

Modern Mainstay

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Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has become such a mainstay of modern-day life that any problems it experiences ripple out from online into the real world. 

Facebook and Instagram

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On Tuesday, Meta services, including the ubiquitous social media apps Facebook and Instagram, were plunged into chaos. 

Vital for Business

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The disruption struck users worldwide, rendering them unable to access their services, which have become vital for businesses up and down the UK.

Login Failed

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Millions of customers, from individual users to massive corporations, were locked out as login attempts continually failed, and the few feeds users could access were halted. 

One Long Hour

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The turmoil began around 3.30 pm, lasting a full hour and a half, before regular services resumed around 5 pm. 

Access Denied

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During the long dark night of the soul, we all experienced being unable to access our accounts without notice about when the service might return, thousands of posts went unliked, and ads for services most of us will never use went unread. 

Problems Spreading

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Users could not even turn to other services to soothe the pain of being unable to access their feeds as, curiously, the turbulence that befell Meta’s platforms was not an isolated incident. 

Simultaneous Hiccups

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Google’s own platform experienced hiccups simultaneously, with users unable to log in, sparking speculations of a shared affliction between these world-spanning tech titans. 

Significant Control

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The fact that both companies wield significant control over their infrastructure only deepened the intrigue surrounding the outages. 

Reliant on Meta

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For millions of businesses reliant on Meta’s ecosystem, the disruption proved more than a minor inconvenience. 

Millions a Minute

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Such is the prevalence of Meta, particularly in the world of advertising, that millions of dollars were being lost every minute that the outage continued. 

“Major Disruptions”

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Meta’s business status page lit up like a Christmas tree, flagging “major disruptions” across essential services. 

Linchpin Removed

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The disruptions affected the hallowed Facebook login, which, along with Google, acts as a linchpin for accessing myriad third-party platforms and websites. 

Walled Garden

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The repercussions reverberated far beyond Meta’s walled garden as dependent sites tumbled like dominos, laying bare the interconnectedness of the digital ecosystem and the reliance of almost all of the world’s major websites on being able to access Meta’s garden. 

Trapped in Chaos

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Even WhatsApp and the Facebook ads transparency page, touted as resilient outliers, found themselves trapped in the chaos, albeit to a lesser extent.

Remember Twitter?

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The situation became so untenable that Meta spokesperson Andy Stone took to the rival website X, once called Twitter in the not-so-distant past, breaking the silence with a terse acknowledgement: “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.”

Little Solace

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Yet, the reassurance offered little solace to users grappling with the abrupt disruption to their apparently vital digital routines.

Disrupting Business

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Meanwhile, Google grappled with its own demons as disruptions marred its Ad Manager service, disrupting business operations for primary clients, including worldwide news organisations. 

Google Used To Search? 

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Some of Google’s consumer-facing behemoths, like its search function, which is no longer the powerhouse it used to be following deeply unpopular updates, which means most searches find more ads than results, remained unscathed.

Content Oasis

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YouTube was similarly unaffected, offering content-starved citizens an oasis of cat videos and compilations of people falling over to soothe them through the dark cloud that had fallen over their online lives. 

Systemic Issue

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As the dust settled, experts focused on the elusive culprit behind the mayhem. A systemic internet issue emerged as the prime suspect, with sporadic disruptions reported across various platforms, from the enigmatic X to Microsoft’s Teams. 

Underlying Fragility

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The breadth of the disruption painted a harrowing picture of the fragility lurking beneath the digital facade.

Cataclysmic Outage

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While the recent disruptions may have paled in comparison to Facebook’s cataclysmic outage in 2021, they are a stark reminder of the precarious nature of a modern economy that has become dependent on a small number of all-powerful corporations. 

Full-Blown Catastrophe

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During that infamous incident, a seemingly innocuous configuration error snowballed into a full-blown catastrophe, with services unavailable for considerably longer than Tuesday’s more minor outage.

Maybe Not The Best Idea

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In hindsight, while fleeting, the disruptions that gripped Meta and Google suggest that perhaps it might not have been the best idea to base entire businesses, corporations, and economies around a few ubiquitous corporations that have very little oversight and an outsized influence on our everyday lives. 

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