MP Safety: Threatening Words Spray-Painted on Chancellor’s Door Only Days After PM’s Urgent Address

After Rishi Sunak’s warning to the nation about protests, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s office was the latest target as his door was spray-painted with threatening words. 

Vandalism at Jeremy Hunt’s Constituency Office

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Jeremy Hunt’s constituency office in Hindhead, Surrey, was vandalized just days after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak voiced concerns about protestors’ threats to MPs and their private property.

Graffiti Targeting the Chancellor

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Protestors made a shocking threat to the Chancellor, spray painting graffiti on Hunt’s office door featuring the phrase: “Die Tory scum.”

Police Announce “Criminal Damage”

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The police said in a statement, “Officers were called following reports of criminal damage at a property on Tilford Road in Hindhead.”

Targeted for Spring Budget Plans

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The incident came on the day before Chancellor Hunt was set to announce the Conservative’s Spring Budget for 2024, making officers believe that the MP was targeted specifically for this reason.

Prime Minister’s Warning in Address

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned the public of “forces” from the inside trying to “tear” the country apart in an emergency address to the nation outside Downing Street, the first since he became Prime Minister.

Sunak’s Message to Police

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In the address, the Prime Minister urged police to do more to help MPs feel safe in their homes as crowds of protestors continued to gather outside Tory properties in an attempt to spark change.

Officers Must “Take Action”

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Sunak warned that “What started as protests on our streets, has descended into intimidation, threats, and planned acts of violence,” urging officers to “take action.”

Sunak’s “Extremists” Warning

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Sunak warned that protestors were a “threat to our democracy,” labelling them as “extremists” who are “storming council meetings and local events.”

Chancellor Hunt Undeterred

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Jeremy Hunt expressed his determination, stating “We won’t be deterred by a few idiots,” as well as praising the British people as “famously tolerant” calling Britain’s democratic process “one of the most robust” in the world.

String of Incidents at Conservative MPs’ Offices

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This incident is part of a series of aggressive acts and criminal occurrences at the offices and homes of Conservative MPs, sparking the Prime Minister to deliver his speech and call on the police to act.

Previous Incidents Outside MP’s Property

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The Palestine Solidarity Movement gathered a crowd of protestors outside Tobias Ellwood’s house, while the police kept a watchful eye and moved them across the road slightly further away from the property.

Protestors Allowed to “Bully”

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Housing Minister Lee Rowley denounced the protests as “terrible” and accused the police of allowing the crowd of 60-80 pro-Palestinians to “bully” his Tory colleague.

Climate Change Carol Singers

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An incident in December saw Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s home infiltrated by a group of protestors disguising themselves as “carol singers” although they changed the lyrics of the songs to criticise the government’s policies on climate change.

Sunak’s Holiday From Hell

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had his home in Yorkshire vandalized by climate protestors while he was on holiday, where the Greenpeace activists unveiled a large black banner from his roof.

Arson at Mike Freer’s Constituency Office

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In a recent court admission, a man confirmed setting fire to a shed at Mike Freer’s constituency office on Christmas Eve, though he denied there being any political motivation.

Tragic Past Haunts MPs

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According to some sources, MPs are now “petrified” for their lives, especially after the murders of Labour MP Jo Cox and Sir David Amess that took place in the last decade alone.

Tory Backlash Could Lead to Landslide Defeat

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The attacks come as the government are expected to announce a general election later on in the year, where a landslide defeat for the Tories has been anticipated after huge backlash from critics.

Tories At Record Low in Polls

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A recent Ipsos poll revealed that the Tory Party is a staggering 27 percentage points behind Labour, the largest gap since 1978 when Margaret Thatcher was ousted.

Dissatisfaction Through the Roof

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The dissatisfaction towards to government from the British public was also at an all-time high, with 88% of people voting that they were not satisfied with the Conservatives.

A Balancing Project

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The past traumas derived from the shocking murders of former MPs give the victims of threats every right to be worried, although police have to find the balance between stopping life-threatening danger and allowing the protestors to exercise their rights.

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