PM Accused of Fearmongering ‘Extremist’ Rhetoric to Score Election Points

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been slammed by critics for using fearful rhetoric as an election tactic as police continue to work with pro-Palestinian protestors to keep the streets safe in the process.

London Police Blocks Pro-Palestine Protest

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Police in London blocked a planned, peaceful protest just days after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called on them to take action against protestors in an address outside Downing Street.

Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Response

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Co-leader Luca Salice of the group that organizes the protests, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, has slammed the Prime Minister for using the protests to score electoral points.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Targets Barclays Bank

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Barclays Bank is the new focal point for protests after recent controversies came to light that showed its alleged ties with the Israeli army, with organizers hitting 50 branches across the country. 

Barclays’ Alleged Israel Ties

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Barclays Bank has become a target for pro-Palestine protestors due to its alleged connections with Israel, according to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign that argued “substantial financial ties” with Israel’s military funding.

Salice Argued Against Extremist Allegations

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“Rishi Sunak is losing an election. He is scrambling”, said Salice, “I don’t think our protests are extremist. I don’t see how being in favour of human lives is extremist,” he argued.

Salice Grateful for Police Presence

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Salice acknowledged extremism as a dangerous problem, claiming that he was glad the police were there, “luckily we have the police here, who are working with us,” he said.

Police “Helping” to Organize Protests

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Salice even revealed that the police were an important aspect in organizing the protests, thanking them for their help, “They are helping us organize this protest and making sure they are safe,” he said.

Police Use Powers to Move Protestors

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At the Barclays branch on Tottenham Court Road, the police implemented their powers under Section 14 of the Public Order Act, directing protesters to relocate across the road.

Green Light to Arrest Troublemakers

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Salice admitted that there’s always the potential for “one or two” protestors to cause trouble, adding that “whenever they see the odd person who may do something wrong, it is up to them to arrest them.”

Sunak’s Address to the Nation

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Rishi Sunak announced his first-ever speech outside Downing Street since becoming Prime Minister, calling protestors “divisive” and urging police to crack down on “extremists.”

Workers Party of Britain Take Seat

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Sunak’s address came just moments after Workers Party of Britain leader George Galloway beat the Conservative MP in a landslide by-election in Rochdale, taking 38% of the votes.

Sunak Describes Victory as “Beyond Alarming”

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Sunak described Galloway’s victory in Rochdale as “beyond alarming” as the majority of the people voted in an MP who has a history of campaigning against wars in the Middle East.

Galloway “Despises” PM

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Galloway has openly criticized the Prime Minister, saying “I despise the Prime Minister” claiming that he speaks for “millions and millions” in the UK who follow his beliefs.

Salice Argues Rhetoric is Election Tactic

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Salice argued that the rhetoric coming from the Prime Minister is nothing but a tactic to scare the public and secure votes for the upcoming general election later this year. 

A Vote for Anyone Else is a Vote for Labour

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The Prime Minister recently said in an interview that a vote for anyone except the Conservative Party is only going to help Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer become the next Prime Minister.

Sunak Acknowledges Hate Crime Increase

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Sunak acknowledged a sharp rise in hate crime in the UK since the attacks on October 7th, as hate crimes in general rose by 651% in the two weeks after the attacks, 33 of which were physical and anti-Semitic.

Jewish and Muslim Communities in Fear

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“Jewish children (are) fearful to wear their school uniform lest it reveal their identity. Muslim women (are) abused in the street for the actions of a terrorist group they have no connection with,” Sunak asserted.

Home Secretary Slams Protestors

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Home Secretary James Cleverly asked, “What are these protests genuinely hoping to achieve?” claiming they had already “made their point” despite the government taking no investigative action against Israel for the allegations made against the state and its military.

Protestors and Police Continue to Work Together

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As police and pro-Palestine protestors continue to work together, Sunak is accused of using election tactics to strike fear into the nation about the peaceful protests on UK streets.

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