Reform UK Swoop in on Lee Anderson After Tory Fallout

After making controversial comments about “Islamists” controlling London, suspended former Tory MP Lee Anderson has announced he will be joining the right-wing party, Reform UK.

Lee Anderson Joins Reform UK

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Former Conservative Deputy Chair and Tory MP Lee Anderson has officially defected to Reform UK after being suspended for his comments about London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Reform UK Leader Swipes Anderson 

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Reform UK leader Richard Tice confirmed Anderson’s switch in allegiance in a press conference, where Anderson admitted it was “no secret” the two had been communicating.

Suspension Over Controversial Claims

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Lee Anderson was appointed Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak until January 2024, when he was suspended for his controversial comments.

Anderson’s Comments Revealed

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When talking about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Anderson claimed the Mayor had allowed himself and London to be taken over by “Islamists.”

Anderson Accuses Khan

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Anderson claimed that these so-called “Islamists” were also Sadiq Khan’s “mates” and that they too had “control” of both Khan and the capital city.

Echoing Braverman’s Comments

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Anderson, a former coalminer, spoke about the Mayor after former Home Secretary Suella Braverman claimed that “Islamists”, “Extremists” and “Antisemites” were “in charge” of Britain.

“I Want My Country Back”

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Anderson started the press conference with the words “I will start by saying I want my country back,” after making inflammatory comments about Islam.

Anderson Considers Reform UK His “Friends”

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Anderson referred to those involved with the Reform UK Party as his “friends” and admitted it’s “no secret” that they have been in communication for a while.

Anderson Wants to Speak For “Millions”

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Anderson insisted that Reform UK had given him “the opportunity to speak” for, what he considers to be “millions” of people in the UK “who feel that they’re not being listened to.”

Gambling on a Career

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Anderson admitted that joining the right-wing party, Reform UK was a “gamble” but insisted that “like millions of people up and down the country, all I want is my country back.”

Victims of Terror Attacks Condemn Language

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Anderson’s rhetoric regarding “Islamists” is the kind of language that has been condemned by politicians and even victims of “Islamist-inspired” terrorist attacks, who called it “irresponsible.”

Condemning Conservative Language

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Around 58 individuals whose lives were affected by a terrorist attack have signed a letter condemning the Conservative Party’s language that links Muslims to terror groups.

Sunak’s Extremist Rhetoric

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently gave an address to the nation outside Downing Street condemning the actions of pro-Palestine protestors, whom he labelled as “extremists.”

Failing to Condemn Language

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The Prime Minister also failed to condemn Lee Anderson’s or Suella Braverman’s rhetoric as “Islamophobic” despite the Mayor of London calling it “anti-Muslim.”

Labour Leader’s Response

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer condemned Sunak’s use of the word, telling the Prime Minister that he also has an extremist problem within his own party related to Islamophobia.

Starmer Accuses Conservatives

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According to Starmer, “Whether it is Liz Truss staying silent on Tommy Robinson” or “Suella Braverman’s extreme rhetoric,” the Tory Party has an Islamophobia issue.

Questioning Sunak’s Judgment

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Stamer questioned, “What does it say about the prime minister’s judgement that he made Lee Anderson deputy chairman of his party?”

Accusing Tories of Stifling Free Speech

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According to Anderson, the Tory Party was “stifling free speech” after forcing him to apologise for his comments, which Anderson refused to do.

Anderson Admits Tory Defeat

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Anderson admitted defeat for the Tories in the general election, stating “It’s a sad day that I’m leaving my colleagues. But if I’m honest, this time next year they’ll be sat on the same benches as me.”

Reform UK’s Growing Popularity

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Anderson joins Reform UK at a time when the party’s popularity among the British public is growing and the Conservatives are losing the public’s confidence, meaning it could prove to be a clever move for his political career.

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