US Diplomats Warn of ‘Potentially Huge’ Global Impact of a Trump Presidency

The UK government has been warned about the “potentially huge” impact on the UK and Europe if a second Trump presidency was to come to reality. Here’s the full story.

Calls for Secretive Planning

Three former top US diplomats from Britain have cautioned the UK government about potential “massive” security risks if Donald Trump were to be re-elected in the upcoming presidential election in the US.

Advocating for contingency plans, the diplomats, including Simon McDonald, head of the Foreign Office until 2020, along with John Kerr and Sir Peter Westmacott. “We should be thinking through the implications of a second Trump presidency, which are massive,” warned McDonald.

Uncertainty Surrounds Trump’s Presidential Run

Despite legal uncertainties surrounding Trump’s candidacy, the diplomats, drawing from their extensive experience, expressed concerns about the likelihood of a second Trump presidency.

The primary fears involve potential shifts in US policies, such as withdrawing support for Ukraine and reconsidering commitments to NATO, which Trump had previously deemed “obsolete.”

“There’s not much point in saying, ‘We know he’s a monster, he’s unprincipled, he’s a misogynistic fraud and liar and destroyer of constitutions.’ The reality is: he will be there. We have to find ways of engaging with the US if Trump is elected,” said former British ambassador Sir Peter Westmacott.

Potential Impact on Ukraine and NATO

The diplomats stressed the potential risks of Ukraine being left vulnerable if Trump pursues appeasement with Vladimir Putin regarding Russia’s invasion. Trump’s historical skepticism about NATO raises concerns that he might turn his back on the alliance, posing significant challenges to global security.

Lord McDonald, a crossbench peer who served as head of the Diplomatic Service for five years, asserts that the impact on the UK could be “potentially huge.”

Urging ministers to use the current time for proper preparation, he urged the need for high-level discussions in Whitehall and across Europe to assess the implications of a second Trump presidency, “There’s nothing in my lifetime that comes close,” he said.

Sir Peter Westmacott Advocates Homework

Sir Peter Westmacott also suggested that Britain should engage in serious preparatory work, acknowledging the practicality of dealing with Trump if elected. He stressed the importance of finding ways to engage with the US, irrespective of personal opinions about Trump’s character.

John Kerr, a crossbench peer with a history as Britain’s ambassador to Washington, recommended that Britain and its US allies should discreetly come together, recognizing the concept of “safety in numbers.” He cautioned against perceived interference in the US election, fearing it could be counterproductive and exploited by Trump.

Trump’s Ongoing Challenges

As Trump faces challenges to his candidacy, including issues related to the 2021 insurrection and appeals in Maine and Colorado regarding his eligibility to run for office again, uncertainties loom over the 2024 presidential race. A recent poll reflecting a decline in President Joe Biden’s support among key demographics makes a second Trump term even more likely.

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