Abortion Anger: 10,000 Manchester Students Want Pro-Life Society Removed for Fear of Women’s Safety and Mental Health

A petition has been signed by 10,000 disgruntled students at the University of Manchester to stop the formation of a “Pro-Life Society” that seeks to change the campus culture on abortion.

Pro-Life Society Emerges

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The Manchester Students’ Union has allowed for the establishment of a pro-life society on the University of Manchester campus, much to the worry and dismay of many female students at the University.

The Birth of a Pro-Life Society

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The society, led by George Vincent and Jacob Karinatan, is pushing forward regardless of the petition, which received 10,000 signatures in less than 48 hours for it to be removed.

Legal Boundaries and Union Reassurances

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The union stressed that, under the 1994 Education Act, the 2010 Equality Act, and section 43 of the 1986 Education Act, it cannot disband the society as freedom of speech must be considered.

Petition’s Plea to Stop Pro-Life Society

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The petition urged students on campus who believe “every woman should have her right respected” to sign the petition in order to combat any potential fear or stigma regarding abortion rights on campus.

Women on Campus Fear of Stigma

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The petition also believes that women on campus should not have to face “an already prevalent stigma surrounding abortion” while making life-altering decisions.

Pressure Faced By Women 

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In addition, the petition states that women “should not have to face additional pressure or judgement on such personal matters,” especially when it’s men who are telling women what to do with their bodies.

Student Union Committed to Safety

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Despite deciding not to ban the society’s formation due to the Equality Act, the Manchester University Student Union said they are “committed” to protecting the rights and the safety of the students on campus.

Pro-Life Society’s Mission

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According to its social media page, the pro-life society claims that it wants to cultivate a ‘pro-life culture’ on campus by engaging students in discussions on life issues.

Urgent Call for Dissolution

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The anonymous author behind the petition implored supporters to rally behind the cause of dissolving the pro-life society, arguing that it could cause distress among students seeking abortion services.

Religion a Main Factor

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Abortion in the UK is legal so long as it takes place within the first 24 weeks of the pregnancy. However, some disagree due to religious concerns.

UK’s Abortion Laws Explained

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In the UK, the 24-week rule is only allowed to be reconsidered if the mother’s life is in danger, there’s a risk of severe physical harm to the mother, or there’s a fetal abnormality considered severe.

Backlash and Female Concerns

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Heather Bowling, a second-year linguistics student, passionately voiced her dismay, stating she now feels “weak and inferior” to the men on campus seeking to remove her rights. Bowling claims she received “endless” messages from female counterparts who are in “fear.” 

The Human Impact

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One former student opened up about her feelings of “guilt” after having an abortion for medical purposes, claiming that it’s people like those in the pro-life society who made her feel like a “murderer.”

Former Student’s “Guilt” Post-Abortion

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“While I knew it was unfeasible [for me to have a baby],” she noted, “the constant stream of guilt from people who aren’t in similar circumstances made it so difficult. I kept thinking, ‘I am a murderer or evil like people say.’”

Student Union Cannot Intervene

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The Student Union insists that legally, it cannot intervene, arguing that if the society’s actions are lawful, then they “have no discretion as to whether to allow them to affiliate.”

University Taking a Backwards Step?

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Bowling declared that instead of being a “centre of progression” as she believes Universities should, Manchester University is allowing a group to form that undermines “women’s bodily autonomy and rights.”

Student Union’s Safety Concerns

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The Student Union admitted that although it is concerned for the safety and well-being of the students on campus, it can’t do anything to stop the formation of a society just because they have different beliefs from the majority.

Society’s Motto Critiqued

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The society’s motto is “Supporting the dignity of every human life,” although critics argue that it dehumanizes the lives of women on campus.

Will The Petition Hold Weight?

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Right now, it seems the petition will have no effect on the continuation of the pro-life society due to there being no legal grounds to pursue a ban.

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