Celebrating International Women: Ways Women Changed the World for the Better

Women have been pivotal in shaping our world, breaking barriers, and fostering societal progress across various fields. Here are 21 ways in which women have changed the world for the better, demonstrating resilience, innovation, and leadership. #1. Voting Rights Spearheaded by figures like Susan B. Anthony and Emmeline Pankhurst, women fought tirelessly for the right … Read more

Opinion: Multi-Ethnicity Works but Multi-Culturalism Has Some Challenges

In today’s interconnected world, the terms “multi-ethnicity” and “multiculturalism” are frequently used when discussing society, integration, and unity. While both concepts seek to appreciate diversity and foster a feeling of belonging, they differ in their basic ideas and results. The Foundation of Multi-Ethnicity Multi-ethnicity is the presence of people from various ethnic origins within a … Read more

Pension Age Rise: Is 71 the New 65?

The ongoing debate over raising the UK state pension age to 71 has ignited passionate arguments on both sides of the spectrum, with experts and critics offering starkly different perspectives on the matter. Pension Age Justified David Sinclair, the chief executive of the International Longevity Centre, justified the proposed increase, highlighting the demographic imbalance between … Read more