Backing Trump: A Number of Tory MPs Support a Second Term

America is a country that’s divided on the controversial figure that is former president Donald Trump, but as the US elections near, just who in the Tory party actually supports a second Trump term? The answer is more than you think.

Tory Affection for Trump Persists

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Conservatives in the UK continue to express admiration for former President Donald Trump despite controversial remarks made during a recent rally in South Carolina regarding the hypothetical invasion of a NATO country by Russia.

Trump’s Popularity Among Tories

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Several prominent Tories, including Boris Johnson, Andrea Jenkyns, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, have previously lauded Trump for various reasons, shaping his popularity in the party.

Boris Johnson Joins the Praise

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Former Prime Minister and Mayor of London Boris Johnson heaped praise on the presidential candidate, arguing Trump is “just what the world needs” in a newspaper column.

Johnson’s Attack on the “Woke”

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Johnson argued that Trump 2.0 would be “a big win for the world” because it would have “global wokerati … trembling so violently that you could hear the ice tinkling in their negronis.”

Jacob Reese-Mogg Wants Trump

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Jacob Reese-Mogg added his voice to the list of Conservatives praising Trump, stressing he would “rather have Donald Trump than President Biden.”

Trump’s Controversial NATO Comments

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The praise comes despite Trump recently telling his loyal supporters in South Carolina that he would “encourage” Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to an unnamed ally NATO country.

Trump’s Anti-NATO Stance

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Trump has a history of being anti-NATO, accusing the countries involved of not paying enough for defense against potential attacks.

Trump Makes NATO Pay

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Trump mentioned he had a talk with the president of a major NATO ally, who hypothetically asked Trump if he would finance the defense of the country, to which Trump replied, “You gotta pay!”

Tory MPs Show Support for Trump

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Tory MP Jake Berry called for America to “Bring him back!”. At the same time, Andrea Jenkins insisted the world would “be a safer place if Trump came back actually, looking at the situation with Ukraine and Russia.”

Tory Split on Trump

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The division among Tories regarding Trump’s appeal remains evident, with some calling for his return, while others, like Alicia Kearns, find supporting him in 2024 mind-blowing.

The Election Fraud Factor

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“It’s 2024 and people are seriously calling for someone to be President of the USA who falsely claims the last election was stolen from them,” said Kearns.

Trump’s Legal Allegations

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Kearns also brought up the fact that Trump is being charged with “inciting insurrection,” along with his alleged history of “sexually abusing a woman.”

“Mind-Blowing” Support for Trump

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Kearns mentioned that Trump “abused his power to pardon his friends, and has indictments which amount to a total of 91 felony charges,” before calling the support “Completely mind-blowing” in an online post.

Mixed Sentiments within the Party

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While some Tories, like Alicia Kearns, expressed dislike for Trump, others, such as Liz Truss, advocate for a Republican presence in the White House.

Cabinet Minister’s Disbelief

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Former Cabinet Minister David Gauke said, “I think it’s pretty extraordinary for any mainstream British politician to support Trump.”

Gauke Points to Felony Charges

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Gauke insisted that former president Donald Trump “has no respect for the rule of law and no respect for democratic institutions,” pointing to the number of felony charges against him.

A Worrying Reality

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“If that is what the politicians on the Conservative right think is someone worth supporting then I think that is terribly revealing,” Gauke revealed.

Sunak’s Neutral Stance

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While Sunak and the UK government maintain a neutral stance, conservative circles are engaged in discussions about the possibility of Trump’s return in the 2024 election.

Tory Colleagues “Falling Over Themselves”

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According to former Conservative Alistair Burt, Trump “makes good copy, and he’s gonna continue to make good copy. And I’ve got colleagues who cannot help but fall over themselves to add to the copy,” Burt said.

Repeat of Biden v Trump

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The US Presidential elections are set for later in the year, with it looking extremely likely that it will be a repeat of Biden v Trump four years ago.

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