Below the Belt: Starmer Must “Shed A Few Pounds” Says House of Lords Member

Member of the House of Lords, Lord Mandelson, has told the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer that he must “shed a few pounds” ahead of the general election, while also digging at the Prime Minister’s suits.

Controversy Emerges in Labour

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A controversy has surfaced within the Labour Party, sparked by top Labour Adviser Lord Mandelson’s remark advising Labour leader Keir Starmer to “shed a few pounds.”

Appearance Matters, Notes Mandelson

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Peter Mandelson, a member of the House of Lords since 2008, made the comment during a podcast, where he argued that following his advice “would be an improvement” to Starmer’s appearance.

Jibe Targets Rishi Sunak as Well

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Mandelson’s commentary wasn’t limited to Starmer; he also criticized Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s fashion choices, suggesting that his attire diminishes his image.

Mandelson Has “Problem” With Sunak’s Attire

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“My problem with Rishi Sunak’s fashion is that he wears these skinny suits and narrow ties and they diminish him rather than expand him,” noted Lord Mandelson.

Call for Starmer’s Slimmer Physique

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To make things, as he called it “even,” Lord Mandelson targeted Starmer’s physique, arguing that, “Just to be even-handed about it, by the same token, Keir Starmer needs to shed a few pounds.”

“Fat Shaming” Argument

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According to Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Wes Streeting, the attack on Sir Keir Starmer is “fat shaming” and should be taken more seriously.

Lord Mandelson “Should Know Better”

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Streeting argued that, as the Shadow Health Secretary, he was “against that kind of fat-shaming” and Lord Mandelson “should know better.”

Appearance “Not Unimportant”

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Defending his comments on the podcast, Lord Mandelson insisted that “Ties and appearance are not unimportant,” suggesting that maybe the public would have a better view of the political leaders if they changed their shape and style.

Down Bad For Both Leaders

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Currently, neither Prime Minister Rishi Sunak nor Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer are performing very well in the public confidence section of the polls.

Sunak at High Dissatisfaction Rate

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A recent Ipsos poll revealed that the confidence in Rishi Sunak’s performance as Prime Minister has hit a dissatisfaction rate of 73%, one of the highest in recent years, with Starmer’s not looking great either.

Starmer’s Low Satisfaction

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Starmer is also looking down in the dumps, with a dissatisfaction score of 55%, despite looking next in line to become the next Prime Minister.

Largest Gap Since Margaret Thatcher

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The Tories as a whole are bracing for a landslide defeat to Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, sitting 27 percentage points behind Labour in the polls, the largest gap since Thatcher.

No Sign of General Election

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Despite this landslide defeat on the cards, Sunak is insisting that he won’t call a general election, previously hinting that one may be on the cards in the Autumn.

Hopes for May Election Despite Sunak’s Hints

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Although it may be just be a well-kept secret, as Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting also claimed that there’s a chance of an election as early as May, stating “All of the indicators point towards May.”

“People In Glass Houses…”

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In response to Lord Mandelson’s comments that Starmer needs to lose weight, Streeting suggested that “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Hitting Back at Mandelson

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Streeting’s comment came after his suggestion that Lord Mandelson himself hasn’t been in the best shape throughout his career,  “And let me tell you… We’ve seen the odd paunch from Peter over the years,” he insisted.

Starmer’s Lifestyle Insights

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Despite Lord Mandelson’s “fat shaming” claims, 61-year-old, Sir Keir Starmer has an active lifestyle, including playing football every week and long-standing servant to the vegetarian cause.

Starmer is “Fit” For General Election

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Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary, Darren Jones, defended the Labour leader’s honour, calling him “fit” and “fighting for the country,” suggesting that Labour are “fit and ready” for a general election.

Appearance Won’t Make Up For Bad Numbers

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Despite Lord Mandelson’s claims that a new suit for Sunak and a new exercise routine for Starmer would shed them in a new light to the public, the polls indicate that neither suggestion will help the leaders come to the general election.

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