Blackpool: Tory Candidate Loses Suspension Appeal, By-Election Predicted

Amidst the fallout from Scott Benton’s unsuccessful suspension appeal, the prospect of a by-election looms over Blackpool South, leading to considerable political uncertainty and adding to the appearance of a Conservative party in chaos. Here’s the full story. 

Bad Luck

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has had an unenviable run of bad luck recently, losing two by-elections and with the polls predicting a political wipeout for his party. 

Appeal Lost

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Unfortunately for Sunak, this run of luck does not appear to be about to get any better as Conservative Member of Parliament Scott Benton has lost his appeal against a 35-day suspension from the House of Commons. 

Undercover Reporters

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Benton was caught by undercover reporters for The Times offering to lobby for the gambling industry, sparking ongoing concerns about Tory sleaze in the highest offices in the land. 

Red Wall Seats

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This suspension could cause a recall petition in the “Red Wall” seat of Blackpool South, which Benton represents, leading to the Tories facing another by-election. 

Gambling Lobby

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Benton was caught red-handed by The Times journalists, working undercover as representatives of a fictional investment firm, offering to lobby ministers on behalf of the gambling industry. 

Selling Out

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The undercover reporters engaged Benton in discussions where he offered to leverage his parliamentary position for personal gain. 

£4,000 a Month

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Benton was ready to sell his insider knowledge and leverage favours from his parliamentary colleagues for only £4,000 a month. 

“Breach of the Rules”

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The Commons standards committee deemed Benton’s willingness to sell his services to the highest bidder as “an extremely serious breach of the rules.” 

Decision Upheld

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Despite Benton’s appeal on procedural grounds, an independent expert panel upheld the suspension, dismissing his unlikely claims of flawed procedures or leaks from the committee. 

By-Election on the Cards

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With the potential backing of the Commons, Benton could face a by-election, offering another chance for a political bruising for the Conservatives.

Politically Important 

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Blackpool South, one of the infamous “Red Wall” seats the Conservatives won convincingly from Labour at the last election, is particularly important for the upcoming election. 

Deprived Areas

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The constituency represents a diverse socio-economic landscape, with some of England’s most deprived areas.

Selling His Soul

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The poverty displayed in his constituency adds extra sting to Benton’s offer to sell his soul for £4,000 a month, almost £1250 more than the average citizen earns a month. 

Trade Union Candidate

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In response to Benton’s suspension, the Labour Party has selected Chris Webb, a trade unionist, as its prospective parliamentary candidate for Blackpool South. 

Waiting in the Wings

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Labour is enviously eyeing the opportunity to reclaim the seat from the Conservatives, emphasising Webb’s local roots and his commitment to meeting the needs of the constituency. 

Riding High

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Labour, fresh off a string of recent by-election wins and still riding high in the polls, is looking for any opportunity to capitalise on the Conservative’s misfortune. 

Immediate Resignation

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No doubt because of this, a Labour spokesperson called for Benton’s immediate resignation instead of waiting for the potential disruption of a recall petition and emphasising the need for a swift resolution. 

“Conservative Chaos”

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The Shadow Postmaster General, Jonathan Ashworth, stated, “This is yet another by-election caused by Tory scandal. Britain deserves better than this carousel of Conservative chaos.”

Enviable Record

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Labour’s recent track record is politically enviable, with by-election wins in Wellingborough, Kingswood, Rutherglen, Tamworth, Selby, Wakefield, and Mid Bedfordshire since the start of the parliamentary term. 

Anger Building

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Though the by-election is not certain, and the outcome is far from decided, voter anger at the Conservatives appears to be building. 

Power For the Sake of Power

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The longer the Conservatives hold on to power before calling an election, the more it seems like a government with no direction, riven by factionalism, holding on to power simply for the sake of power. 

Total Meltdown

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The loss of Scott Benton’s suspension appeal is another chapter in the ongoing Conservative Party meltdown. 

Political Wind

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Any by-election in Blackpool South will be closely watched to see how the political wind is blowing in the country.

Voter Bellwether

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With the mixed demographic of the constituency, it will serve well as a bellwether for the country at large. 

Safest Bet

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As the election draws ever nearer, it seems like the safest bet is betting against Rishi Sunak’s party.

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