‘Broken Borders’ – UK Border Boss Fired Over High Risk Flight Checks

After alleging that Britain’s border control only checked 21% of high-risk flights entering the UK last year, the Chief of Borders and Immigration has been sacked by James Cleverly over a Zoom call in what has been described as “Total Tory Chaos.”

Head of Borders Watchdog Sacked 

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James Cleverly sacked the chief inspector of borders and immigration, David Neal, after a heated disagreement on a Zoom call.

Lack of Security and Passport Checks on High-Risk Flights

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According to Neal, just 144 of the 687 high-risk flights entering the UK last year were properly checked, with passengers aboard 543 flights landing in London City Airport not being checked for passports.

Security Check Disagreement

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The pair disagreed on the serious matter of security checks for flights heading into the UK as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak scrambles to get his Rwanda policy approved.

Alarming Warnings on Unchecked High-Risk Flights

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David Neal raised an alarm, stressing that many “high-risk” private and charter jets landed without comprehensive security checks, calling it a “scandal” and threat to national border security.

Incredibly Dangerous “Scandal”

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“This is a scandal and incredibly dangerous for this country’s border security,” said Neal, pointing fingers at James Cleverly and the Tory party for his concerns.

Sacking Follows Loss of Home Secretary’s Confidence

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Despite Neal’s warnings, he faces dismissal after reportedly losing the confidence of Home Secretary James Cleverly.

Failure to Comply With Border Laws

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Britain’s border control is tasked to carry out full security checks on all flights that are classified as “high-risk,” but the reports found that just 21% of them were fully checked last year at London City Airport alone.

Home Office Statement on Termination

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The Home Office released a statement announcing the termination of David Neal’s appointment “after he breached the terms of appointment and lost the confidence of the Home Secretary,” the statement read.

“Total Tory Chaos”

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The reaction from the Labour Party has been strong, with the Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, describing the dismissal over Zoom as “Total Tory chaos.”

Ongoing Recruitment Process for Successor

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After the fallout, the Home Office revealed that the recruitment process for the next independent chief inspector of borders and immigration is already underway.

Hiding UK’s “Broken Borders”

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Cooper blamed the Home Office for the lack of security checks, claiming the dismissal was an attempt to “bury uncomfortable truths” about the UK’s “Broken borders.”

15 Reports Yet to be Seen

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Cooper urged the Home Secretary to release the unfinished reports containing information on the flimsy border control, revealing that “they are still sitting on 15 unpublished reports – stretching back to April last year.”

Conservatives Lose Control

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“The Conservatives have lost control of our borders, are seeking to hide the truth, and are putting border security at risk,” she argued.

Tory’s Treat Immigration Role As “Inconvenience”

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According to Diana Johnson, the Home Affairs Select Committee Chair, the Conservative Party has been treating the border and immigration role as an “inconvenience,” and they are now left with “yet another vacant post.”

Home Office Won’t Attract Necessary Candidates

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Johnson isn’t convinced that those with the correct qualities would want to take over the role after the way the Home Office has treated Neal, 

Important Role Won’t Be Easily Filled

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“The behavior of the Home Office seems unlikely to attract many high-quality candidates as they seek to fill this crucial role,” she argued.

Minister Challenges Neal’s Claims

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Immigration Minister Tom Pursglove disputed Neal’s assertions regarding the UK Border Force’s alleged failure to conduct proper checks on occupants of private jets arriving at London City Airport.

Rejecting Lack of Security Claims

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Pursglove said, “the Home Office categorically rejects these claims by David Neal,” arguing that they check “100%” of high-risk flights entering the UK.

Public Losing Patience

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The dismissal of Neal over a Zoom call has been described as “Total Tory Chaos,” and while the Home Office lacks confidence in Neal, the public seems to be losing patience with the Conservatives.

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