“Frightening” – Diane Abbott Responds to Tory Donor Who Wished Violence Upon Her

Diane Abbott has issued a statement regarding a Tory donor’s comments that she “should be shot”, claiming that she lives in fear of assault from the public.

Diane Abbott Responds to Allegations

Labour’s Diane Abbott expressed her fear regarding discriminatory and violent comments made by the Tory donor Frank Hester on Abbott back in 2019. Abbott was “frightened” to hear that Hester made violent threats towards her in a meeting back in 2019, while Abbott served as the Shadow Health Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Abbott also mentioned that the violent aspect reminded her of the two murders that were carried out against Members of Parliament in the last decade alone.

Hester Slams Abbott for Skin Color

According to reports, Hester made comments about Abbott’s skin colour, expressing his hatred towards the MP every time he saw her on TV. Hester insisted before he made the comments, “I try not to be sexist,” before making sexist comments towards an unnamed executive and comparing it to Diane Abbott.

Hester went on to say “It’s like trying not to be racist” before launching an attack on Abbott, “But you see Diane Abbott on the TV, and you’re just like,” he said.

Hester followed his “trying not to be racist” statement by suggesting that Diane Abbott’s presence makes “you just want to hate all black women because she’s there.” The Tory donor also made the claim that Abbott “should be shot,” arguing “I don’t hate all black women at all, but I think she should be shot.”

Abbott Frightened For Her Life

Abbott has officially responded to the claims, slamming the comments as “frightening” due to the fact she lives in Hackney and doesn’t drive, suggesting she is an open target for abuse. Abbott admitted that she takes public transport more than others in her position, I find myself, at weekends, popping on a bus or even walking places, more than most MPs,” she noted.

Abbott claimed that being a “single woman” already makes her a target, but added that comments like this from people in powerful positions could influence the public. She claimed that to “hear someone talking like this is worrying,” suggesting that she is “vulnerable” enough as it is.

Hester’s Apology Attempt

Frank Hester insisted that he attempted to apologize for the comments that he described as “rude” by ringing Abbott on the phone “twice.” Despite Hester specifically mentioning both Diane Abbott’s gender and skin colour, he insisted that his comments had “nothing to do with her gender nor colour of skin”.

Abbott mentioned the murders of both Jo Cox, a former Labour MP for Batley on Spen, and David Amess, the former Conservative MP for Southend West.

“For all of my career as an MP I have thought it important not to live in a bubble, but to mix and mingle with ordinary people,” Abbott said.

Abbott Alarmed By Comments

Despite this initial mentality, Abbott argued the aggressive language and the murders of MPs “in recent years makes talk like this all the more alarming.” She insisted that, although she is not currently serving as a Labour MP, she expects support from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer who recently condemned Tory MPs and their comments regarding race.

“I’m currently not a member of the parliamentary Labour party but remain a member of the Labour party itself, so I am hoping for public support from Keir Starmer,” Abbott said.

Starmer’s Message to Prime Minister

Starmer has recently slammed former Tory MP Lee Anderson for making “Islamophobic” comments towards the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, calling on the Prime Minister to investigate “extremism” within his Party.

Starmer insisted that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak should “Get a grip” of his Party members, that he claimed are “extremists” after multiple allegations of Islamophobia have hit the Tories.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has spoken out against Hester’s comments, calling them “unacceptable” but refraining from calling them “Racist.”

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