Latest Poll Reveals Some Tories Want a ‘Charismatic’ PM, And It’s Not Rishi Sunak

A potential return for Boris Johnson to UK politics is looking more likely each week, with a poll among Tory politicians stating that most would prefer him to take on Starmer in the next general election.

Boris Johnson Preferred Over Sunak

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A recent poll has positioned Boris Johnson as the favourite among Tory politicians over Rishi Sunak as the front-runner in the upcoming general election.

Johnson Ousted in 2022

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As Prime Minister during the COVID-19 pandemic, Boris Johnson was ousted in 2022 by his own party due to a lack of confidence in his handling of the crisis, but a comeback could be on the cards now.

Johnson’s Edge Over Rishi Sunak

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Boris Johnson secured 28% of support, surpassing Rishi Sunak, who received 25%, showcasing Johnson’s popularity among the party that ousted him, replacing him with Liz Truss, who only lasted a matter of weeks before resigning the same year.

Tories Want Boris Back For Election

In 2024, most Tory politicians would prefer Johnson to spearhead to Tories to what would be a surprise victory over Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in the election. 

Returning Conservative Voters Under Johnson

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The poll discovered that 52% of 2019 Conservative voters who have yet to decide their allegiance in the next general election preferred the Tories if Boris Johnson led the party over Rishi Sunak.

Reese-Mogg’s Rallying Cry

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Politicians such as Jacob Reese-Mogg made their opinions clear, the Tory MP posted a rallying cry on social media. 

Survey Highlights Johnson’s Popularity

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The survey revealed that Boris Johnson outperformed other contenders in the popularity vote, defeating Rishi Sunak, Suella Braverman, Kemi Badenoch, and Penny Mordaunt.

Optimism for a “Squeaky Clean” Conservative Party

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Conservative supporter Lady McAlpine, who commissioned the poll, envisioned victory for the Tories if Johnson helms a “new squeaky clean Conservative Party.”

Critique of Current Conservative Leadership

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Lady McAlpine critiqued the current Conservative Party, arguing that the party lacks charisma and “To be a leader, you have to have enormous charisma to be a good leader.”

A Party Lacking Personality

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“If we have the brains, they’re not evident and that’s because the personality is not there, the charisma is not there,” Lady McAlpine said.

Torrid Week For Tories

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The poll couldn’t have come at a worse time for the current Conservative government, who lost two seats in both Wellingborough and Kingswood in the biggest by-election defeat from any Tory government since the end of the Second World War.

Bullying Scandal Triggers By-Election

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After a bullying scandal involving disgraced MP Peter Bone, a by-election was triggered upon his removal in Wellingborough, where Labour regained the seat by a landslide victory of 28%.

Global Popularity of Boris Johnson

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Lady McAlpine also claimed that people worldwide appreciate and listen to Johnson, “It doesn’t matter where Boris goes in the world. People like him and therefore listen to him. They don’t like you, they don’t listen to you,” she said.

Whitestone Insight Poll Details

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Conducted by Whitestone Insight, the poll surveyed 13,534 British adults online from January 23 to February 7, capturing a diverse range of opinions.

Johnson’s Partygate Suspension

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After his Prime Minister tenure, Johnson was suspended for his role in “Partygate,” which saw his cabinet partying in No. 10 despite their own lockdown rules being in full force.

Johnson Breaking Records

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Despite being the only Prime Minister to have been found guilty of misleading parliament, Johnson’s popularity is still clear among party members.

Lord Hayward’s Opinion on Boris

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Lord Hayward took a more on-the-fence approach, arguing, “There is no doubt Boris engenders support amongst people – but he also engenders an enormous amount of opposition.”

Johnson’s Controversy a Factor

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According to Lord Hayward, “You don’t only judge a party leader on the basis of what leader you want, but you also need to know how ‘anti’ people are,” suggesting that Johnson’s large opposition would be a worry for the party.

Labour in Poll Position

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Although Boris’s political comeback would be the preferred choice for many, it may not matter as Sir Keir Starmer looks set to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, with Labour anticipating a landslide victory in the upcoming general election later this year.

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