MP Stella Creasy Condemns Targeting of Ministers in Their Homes as Unacceptable

Labour MP Stella Creasy denounces the alarming trend of targeting MPs in their homes, emphasising the urgent need to uphold democratic values amidst rising threats and intimidation. Here’s the full story.

Dangerous Farce

There has been an overwhelming feeling recently that politics is descending into a farce that would be funny were it not so dangerous. As the causes for which activists fight become more apparent, whether for environmental protection, anti-war protests, or better representation from Members of Parliament (MPs), the tactics have become decidedly more personal. 

In recent times, there has been a concerning trend of targeting Members of Parliament (MPs) in their homes by various activist groups. Stella Creasy, a prominent Labour MP, has spoken out against this practice, emphasising its detrimental impact on democracy and public life.

Writing in the Guardian, Stella Creasy, who represents Walthamstow in north-east London, stated unequivocally that it is unacceptable to picket MPs in their homes. Creasy’s comments were in response to an opinion piece in the Guardian by Just Stop Oil, an environmental activist group. 

Justified Activism

Co-founder Sarah Lunnon justified targeting MPs’ homes, urging them to confront what she sees as governmental policies that are detrimental to the environment.

In her original piece, Lunnon called on Labour MPs to stand down if they did not act to stop oil and gas projects implemented by the current UK government. 

Lunnon stated, “That’s why we are asking Labour MPs at their offices, in their constituencies, and at their homes to find their courage – and end the Tory oil and gas policies that are wrecking stable society.”

Rejecting the Argument

However, Creasy rejected this justification, emphasising the importance of upholding the principles of democracy. 

Creasy warned that harassment and even violence were becoming more common in the political arena and that “climate protesters picketing MPs’ houses is no more acceptable than the threats I have received from anti-abortion campaigners.”

“All would argue their cause is vital and important that such tactics are merited – but to allow these behaviours to become the norm for any is therefore to enable it for all,” Creasy finished.

Rape and Death Threats

In her Guardian article, Creasy recounted her own harrowing experiences of receiving abuse and threats, including rape and death threats. There were also cases of physical violence against the MP, such as when a brick was thrown through her window. 

Casey warned that nothing less than democracy itself was in danger, stating, “Unless we take responsibility for addressing this, the outcome will not simply be that the loudest voices and largest wallets win: democracy will lose.”

The targeting of MPs in their homes is part of a broader pattern of escalating actions against political representatives. 

Less Severe

Some issues seem less severe, such as when activists sang climate-themed Christmas carols outside Keir Starmer’s house. However, these actions run the gambit up to occupying Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s house when he was absent. 

The escalation of these events demonstrates the seriousness of the issue, where many MPs no longer feel safe in their homes. 

Following the murder of MPs like Jo Cox, who a right-wing activist killed, Creasy pointed out the long shadow cast by political violence.

“The Shadow of the Deaths”

In her opinion piece, Craeasy stated: “Every MP has not just the shadow of the deaths of our beloved friends David Amess and Jo Cox looming in our thoughts, but also knowledge of the day-to-day violence our colleagues experience. I don’t need to agree with Tobias Ellwood or Mike Freer on policy to know that a line has been crossed when their private addresses and constituency offices have been targeted – and they are not alone.”

Brendan Cox, widower of the late MP Jo Cox, echoed Creasy’s concerns. Drawing from his own tragic experience, he emphasised the risk of intimidation and the chilling effect it could have on potential MPs, particularly women and minority groups.

In an interview with the Guardian, Brendan Cox stated: “It’s really important that we keep our spirit of healthy, active and sometimes rambunctious democratic disagreement but when we start to target people in their homes it tips over into the risk of intimidation and it will make members of parliament more worried for their personal security.”

Broader Concern 

Stella Creasy’s condemnation of targeting MPs in their homes reflects a broader concern across the country for the integrity of democracy. 

As instances of harassment and intimidation escalate, there is a collective responsibility for us all to safeguard the democratic process and ensure that all voices can be heard equally, without fear or coercion.

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