Reform Leader Criticized Anderson Then Welcomes Him to His Party

As little as two weeks after being described as a “desperate Tory” by Reform UK leader Richard Tice, former Tory MP Lee Anderson has announced he will be joining the Party after his suspension.

Lee Anderson’s Party Shift

Former Tory MP Lee Anderson has announced that he would be switching his allegiance to Reform UK despite displaying his disapproval of the right-wing party as little as two weeks before. Lee Anderson was suspended as a Deputy Chair of the Tory Party after he made discriminatory comments against the Mayor of London’s religion.

Anderson insisted that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a practicing Muslim, allowed himself and London to be under the “control” of “Islamists.” Anderson said that Khan had allowed the city to be run by “his mates” whom he referred to as “Islamists” later revealing that he was talking about the pro-Palestine protestors. 

Anderson was suspended immediately, although the Prime Minister took a few days to respond before eventually calling Anderson’s words “wrong” but refraining from calling them “Islamophobic.”

Anderson Defects to Reform UK

Just weeks after, Anderson announced in a press conference with Reform UK leader Richard Tice that he would be defecting to the Party, although he previously hasn’t been so complimentary about them.

Anderson had previously asserted that there was “no conceivable world” in which he would defect to Reform UK, although Tice still welcomed him with open arms. In a convention back in 2023, Anderson insisted that the Reform UK Party had given him a financial incentive to join them, but he declined. Anderson hinted at the offer, saying, “Now there is a political party that begins with an R that offered me a lot of money to join them. I say a lot of money, I mean a lot of money.”

Anderson insisted that he was loyal to the Tory Party which gave him his seat as a Member of Parliament, arguing that he would not betray them after all they’ve done for him.

Anderson’s Commitment to Tories

Anderson said in an interview, “It was them (The Tory Party) that financially backed me, it’s them that’s protected me, it’s them that’s given me a political home… So why would I knife them in the back?”

However in his interview after announcing that he was joining Reform UK, Anderson insisted that the Tory Party had been “stifling free speech” adding that he was upset they suspended him for “speaking his mind.”

In the interview, Lee Anderson was asked whether the public could trust him after he began his career in the Labour Party, moved to the Tories and now has moved to Reform UK despite previous comments.

Anderson responded by saying “It’s politics. We’re all grown-ups in this room, aren’t we? I’m not going to play my full hand,” followed by “I’m not bothered about if you can trust me.”

Anderson Flips Question

Anderson flipped the question on to the journalist, saying “Nobody trusts any of you lot in this room, journalists, they don’t trust you full stop, so my conscience is clear.”

Reform UK’s Richard Tice even took a dig at Lee Anderson before the switch, responding to and denying allegations that Reform had offered Anderson money to join last year. Anderson was described by Tice as “Desperate” saying that “Desperate Tories will make desperate lies to save their skin.” 

Anderson Denies Money Payment

After the announcement was made for Anderson to join Reform UK, Anderson denied that any money was paid for him to make the switch. Despite their previous differences, Tice welcomed Anderson to Reform UK and joked that he would be the “champion” of the “red wall” for the Party.

Critics wonder whether either Anderson or Tice can be trusted as Reform UK gains popularity among voters in the UK after at least one of them was lying about the payment offer back in October.

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