Starmer Edges Closer to Number 10 After ‘Fantastic’ Election Triumph

Labour’s recent by-election triumphs, hailed by Keir Starmer as ‘fantastic,’ underscore a seismic shift in voter trust and signal potential electoral gains, adding to the Conservative Party’s woes. Here’s the full story.

Emerging Victorious

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has celebrated his recent by-election victories in Kingswood and Wellingborough.

On The Verge Of Power

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The by-election wins, secured with substantial swings from Conservatives to Labour, added to the perception of the Labour Party as being on the verge of power. 

Impressive Swings

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Gaining 28.5 percentage points in Wellingborough, almost a record, and an impressive swing of 16.4 points in Kingswood. 

Possible Substantial Majority

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These results, if replicated on a national scale, would grant them a substantial majority.


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Starmer claimed the results were “fantastic” and said the country was ready for a leadership change. 

Tory Switchers

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Starmer was interviewed the morning after the byelections on the BBC’s Breakfast program and said, “I was very pleased last night to see that we were clearly getting Tory switchers, in other words, people who hadn’t voted for the Labour party before, coming out last night and voting for the Labour party in a byelection.”

Astonishing Victory

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The win in Wellingborough saw Labour’s candidate Gen Kitchen secure an astonishing victory, and overturn a Conservative majority of 18,000. 

Sending a Message

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Kitchen was elated following the announcement of the results, stating, “This is a stunning victory for the Labour Party and must send a message from Northamptonshire to Downing Street.”

No Seat is Safe

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The size of the swing in Wellingborough cannot be overstated, with Labour triumphant in what was previously an extremely safe Tory seat. 

More Modest Win

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In Kingswood, Labour’s Damien Egan’s win was more modest but still marks a notable swing from the Conservatives to Labour. 

Gathering Momentum

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Though the win in Kingswood was not as resounding, the twin victories add to the momentum behind the Labour Party as they prepare for the general election. 

Cleaning the Slate

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Following recent challenges and controversies within the Party, the wins could not have come at a better time for Starmer. 

Abandoning Pledges

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Labour had received severe criticism from inside and outside the Party following its decision to abandon a £28 billion green investment pledge. 

Anti-Semitic Remarks

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Labour had also appeared to be on the ropes following the suspension of two Labour candidates after they were recorded making remarks about Israel many saw as anti-semitic. 

Up is Down

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Despite their electoral battering, the Conservatives attempted to paint a rosy picture of their electoral prospects for the upcoming election. 

Low Turnout

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Many Conservatives stressed the low turnout of the byelections and pointed to support for the Reform UK party to help ease the pain from the stinging defeats. 

Jumping to Conclusions

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On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Richard Holden, the Tory party chair, stated, “People understand that in a byelection, they’re not voting to change the government. And I believe drawing conclusions from that to a general election isn’t entirely accurate.”

Amplifying Divisions

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Despite the Conservative Party’s attempts to present a united front following the defeats, its wins have only amplified internal divisions within the party. 

Reform UK

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Many in the Conservative Party see Reform UK as a profound threat, with Reform positioned further to the right on immigration and tax policy. 

Centrist Dads

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However, many more centrist Tories, such as former Prime Minister David Cameron, worry that moving too far to the right will alienate more moderate voters than could be won from Reform UK.

Carrying the Conservatives

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak would no doubt dream of having only two factions within the Conservative Party, seeing that there are currently no less than five, and each sees itself as the proper carrier of the Conservative banner. 

Pulling in Every Direction

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With each of the factions having its own ideas and policy positions, the Conservative Party seems poised to pull itself apart just as the election is inching closer. 

“It’s Over”

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Adding to the sense of panic within the ranks of Conservative loyalists, Tim Montgomerie, who founded the grassroots website Conservative Home, expressed online: “It’s over for the Tories. Absolutely over. We didn’t do what we said we’d do and did the things we said we wouldn’t. The longer Sunak delays the election date the angrier the electorate are going to get.”

Sinking Ship

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Several analysts and experts have interpreted the by-election victories as further signs that the Conservative Party is floundering while the wind is with the Labour Party. 

Count My Woes

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The wins have proven a boost for Keir Starmer whilst adding to the woes of an already embattled Conservative Party. 

Seismic Shifts

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As the election grows ever nearer, the recent by-election victories for Labour signal a significant shift in voter sentiment, with the widespread feeling that the country is growing tired of the recent seismic shifts, which have been widely blamed on the ruling Conservative Party. 

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