The Andrew Tate Effect: Labour Pledges to Tackle ‘Growing Scourge’ of Misogynistic Abuse in Schools

There is an alleged correlation between the rise in misogynistic abuse in schools towards women and the growing popularity of misogynistic social media stars such as Andrew Tate. Here’s how Labour plans to address this. 

Labour’s Pledge to Address Misogyny in Schools

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In response to the rise of misogyny in UK classrooms, the Labour Party has committed to reshaping men’s culture in classrooms to make it a safer environment for women. 

Shadow Secretary Speaks Out

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Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson has stressed the urgent need to address the issue after a wave of increased verbal abuse faced by female teachers and students.

Andrew Tate a Main Factor

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Labour argues that the rise in abuse towards women in classrooms is linked to the growing popularity of misogynistic social media influencers such as the infamous Andrew Tate, the alleged sex trafficker and former martial arts champion.

A “Growing Scourge” in Classrooms

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Phillips argued that misogyny was a “growing scourge” in British classrooms and “content from influencers such as Andrew Tate is having a lasting and damaging impact on boys and young men.”

Tate Popularity Shadows Sunak

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In a recent poll, it was discovered that more young boys in the UK had watched content from influencer Andrew Tate than knew who Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was.

Tate’s Influence in Abundance

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To make matters more concerning for the Labour Party, only 26% of young boys in the UK viewed Tate in a negative light, while 45% saw him as a positive role model.

Tate’s Content Viewed by Millions

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Director of policy at Hope Not Hate, Rosie Carter, said “Tate’s misogynist, homophobic and racist content is seen online by millions of young people,” as he has amassed over 8.8 million followers on social media.

Tate Tricking Young Boys

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Carter argued that Tate’s “money and his lifestyle” are enough to trick young boys into making his “brand of hateful content seem aspirational.” 

Digital Literacy Skills for Combatting Online Hate

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Phillipson proposed a revamp of the national curriculum to equip young people with digital literacy skills that could allow them to identify hateful information and ignore it for their own benefit.

Countering Misogyny Online

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The goal is to empower students to counter misogyny prevalent on platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Mentoring Programs for Combating Misogyny

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As part of Labour’s initiative, Phillips wishes to pair male mentors in schools with younger counterparts, “Young male mentors within schools would be a powerful counterbalance to some of the negativity that young men might be exposed to online,” she said.

Educating Young Men in Modern Britain

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“I would hope that the young male mentors involved would then also be able to share their experiences more widely, to kind of shift the discussion around what it is to be growing up as a young man today in modern Britain,” Phillips argued.

Inclusion of Mental Health Counselors

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To further support students in recognising harmful behaviour, Labour vows to introduce mental health counsellors in every school to create a supportive environment for those dealing with misogyny issues.

Legal Troubles for Andrew Tate

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Andrew Tate, notorious for his online presence, currently faces legal troubles in Romania, charged with rape and human trafficking, yet still releases his videos from house arrest for young males online to see.

Tate’s Harmful Content Exposed

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One video, in particular, showed Tate teaching men how to defend themselves physically against women, with a disturbing portrayal of violence that issued the words, “grip her up by the neck.”

Disturbing Statistics on Misogyny in Schools

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A NASUWT teachers’ union poll in 2022 reveals that seven in ten female teachers in the UK have experienced misogyny in schools, a rise that Labour puts down to the influence of Tate.

NASUWT’s Support for Labour’s Plans

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Dr. Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT, expressed support for Labour’s plans, citing existing reports of sexual harassment and sexist abuse in schools. 

Sexist Abuse “Commonplace”

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Roach revealed that “sexual harassment and sexist abuse towards both female teachers and pupils in schools” is now “commonplace” and “Women and girls have a right to be afforded safety.”

Labour’s Comprehensive Plan

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As research suggests that misogynistic abuse in schools is on the rise, affecting both pupils and teachers, Labour’s plan to address this must reshape the culture surrounding boys in schools using education, which would set them up for life outside school.

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